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  • Missy Mclendon - I get better definition from leave in conditioner

    It didn't do anything for my 3C curls. I get better definition from leave in conditioner. When I look at the ingredients, there is nothing that will really hold my hair, just a bunch of oils. I would not purchase again.

  • blueskys - Worth the money

    I use this product at the outer corners of my eyes, across my forehead, and along the laugh lines of my cheeks. I apply it morning and night before my regular facial moisturizer. It seems to penetrate into these deep wrinkles better than my usual moisturizers, and I intend to reorder!

  • Mike N - Used it 5 times in 1 week to fix broken Willow Trees. My cat can be a real jerk some nights, Its a wonder glue!

    Used it 5 times in 1 week to fix broken Willow Trees. My cat can be a real jerk some nights. Sliding the Willow Tree figures and other items off the tables. Then i have to fix them. Thanks kitty... This glue looks great on the final product and 1 bottle will last me a long time.

  • Jay Benanav - Cannot recommend this enough

    This is no doubt one of the most important books of the year. Its an accessible read even for people without a math background. Cannot recommend this enough.

  • Courtney - This hiking stick is the best!!

    This hiking stick is the best!! I recieved this product free of charge. This stick adjusts to fit you perfectly. This is also shock absorbant. It really helps when there is uneven ground and even when I was climbing rocks. It helps give me the extra push that I need sometimes. My 61 year old father also used it and he loves it too!!

  • Amanda L. - YES!

    I don't usually leave product reviews. But I always read them, and find them helpful. So i wanted to share my experience. This is worth the 11 bucks a bottle. To start height and weight are important to understanding weight loss. I'm 5'2" and my start weight was 121.8. my goal weight is 110 lbs.

  • sabrinnnni - Tastes great and gives you energy

    Not only does it taste great, but I lost a total of 8 pounds in 14 days. Obviously, most of that was water weight, so once I stopped drinking the tea, and continued my bad diet, the pounds started adding on again. Don't use this if you think you're gonna use 20-30 pounds by drinking tea. It's a lifestyle change. The tea gives great energy and used it to replace coffee, and keeps me energized throughout the day! It didn't really curb my appetite, considering I was hungry all the time, but it boosted my metabolism so once I started eating right, I started losing weight again. I highly recommend this tea. I drank Lyfe Tea to compare and this one was so much better. I'm going to order more