Network Family Care Center - Our Chiropractic wellness center uses holistic, hands-on approaches to improving the health & treating the pain of our local community.

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  • Our Ideal Patient | Network Family Care Center - To establish a synergistic relationship, ideal patients must be willing and ready to trust and understand the chiropractic belief that pharmaceutical drugs may be harmful to their health.
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  • Speaking Opportunities | Network Family Care Center - There is a quote that I live by and it is important that I share this with you:"You never know how far reaching something you think, say or do today, will affect the lives of millions tomorrow." – BJ PalmerWhy do I find this important when I am inviting you to hire me as a speaker?
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  • Specialties | Network Family Care Center - Conditions including back pain, asthma, allergies, carpal tunnel, sciatica and PMS can all be resolved through our proven chiropractic techniques.
  • ADHD/Autism | Network Family Care Center - Chiropractic, along with holistic remedies, relieves misalignment of the spine which would otherwise interfere with brain signals and may contribute to mental conditions including ADHD.
  • Allergies | Network Family Care Center - Chiropractic adjustments balance the central nervous system, and resolve tension pain and pressure in the neck and back, commonly associated with headaches from allergies.
  • Asthma | Network Family Care Center - Breathing-related conditions, including asthma, can be relaxed by routine chiropractic adjustments which relax tension and pressure in the spine in adults and children.
  • Auto Accident | Network Family Care Center - Injuries sustained from car accidents can be treated through professional, chiropractic care in order to realign discs and resolve tension within the spine.
  • Backpain | Network Family Care Center - Chiropractic is known to relieve back pain from pregnancy, heavy lifting, auto-injury, slouching, and other problems, through quick, pain-free, non-invasive adjustments.
  • Bed Wetting | Network Family Care Center - Stop the source of bed-wetting by aligning the bladder’s surrounding muscles and nerves.
  • Carpal Tunnel | Network Family Care Center - Avoid Carpal Tunnel surgery by improving your hand strength and flexibility through chiropractic therapy techniques.
  • Colic | Network Family Care Center - Contorting of the muscles and bones during the birth process can throw off alignment, causing colicky children and newborns.
  • Ear Infection | Network Family Care Center - Chiropractic adjustments can reduce and prevent ear infections from occurring in children without the use of antibiotics or expensive surgeries.
  • Headache | Network Family Care Center - A misaligned spine causes tension of the neck, throwing off your Central Nervous System, the main cause of headaches and migraines, but is easily aligned through chiropractic adjustment.
  • Neck Pain | Network Family Care Center - Research shows that chiropractic treatments can relieve neck pain from whiplash, accidents, injuries or sleeping more effectively than any pain medication.
  • Pinched Nerve | Network Family Care Center - Chiropractic treatment has been proven to be most effective for pinched nerves, as it concentrates on spinal adjustments, checking specifically for compression or constriction of nerves between vertebrae.
  • Pregnancy | Network Family Care Center - Chiropractors can prevent pregnancy discomfort help assure optimum biomechanics in the hips and spine which reduces labor complications during birth.

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    Note** I did not buy directly from Amazon because I wanted it immediately. That being said I still like the Cameo 3.

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