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  • aqueelah - Roach Infestation No More!

    15 years ago when I moved into my 1st apartment, the tenant below me started to bomb 2days after my arrival. i flicked on the light and roaches were everywhere. i was soo overwhelmed never lived with roaches and not knowing what to do I panicked and pirched raid and it didn't work. Finally, a friend told ne to purchase combat gel. This kills roaches and delivers on it's promise. I placed the Gel in the kitchen area, behind the refrigerator and in the washroom. Roaches were dying in places I didn't place the gel. I was sweeping roaches up daily for a week straight. Piles would be dead in the kitchen and cabinets for about a week straight.

  • Christine Sweeney - Run, don't walk away from these products.

    Waste of money. Very expensive, and difficult to cancel once you've signed up. This is a pyramid scheme.

  • louise - Super Great

    I am always amazed to see books that you know are used but don't appear used. The book was surprisingly in great condition. I just never expect to see books look so good when you know that someone has used it before you. Great.

  • ZAK Paneral - atenuation leaves alot to be desired

    The bridge on this model is of poor quality, atenuation is horrible. The game play and overall practice will work, however if you start moving on to amplifiers and live practice, you will never get this thing to tune right

  • Grippy - I know what I am doing.

    I have bought more pounds of grass then I can count. I have bought premium, budget, patch, sun , shade and every type I have not mentioned.