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  • Mike - Much better than Wii Fit

    I've had the Wii Fit for a number of years, but using that board is clunky and a pain in the keister. A friend recommended "Your Fitness Evolved" and the Kinect, so I did. After reading all the positive reviews, I went ahead and purchased the Xbox and YFE 2012, and I'm quite pleased with it. No more board to stand on. The only downside it that it doesn't track your weight, but it's a lot better in every other regard.

  • Amazon Customer - Just The Bath Mat This Family Needed!

    This bath mat is just what we needed. It is a anti- bacterial bath mat. This mat is white and made of rubber which is perfect so you do not have to worry about slipping which happens so often in the bath tub. Perfect for anyone but especially the elderly and small children. What is so great about this company is they offer a No Questions Asked Return Policy. They also Guarantee to Hold Gripping Properties for 10 years.Now I love a product that has that kind of backing from the company because it tells me they stand behind their product. It grips well and I feel safer knowing I have this in my tub. It is easy enough to take out and clean to. I would recommend this product to anyone. I received this product in exchange for a honest and unbiased review and opinions are 100% My own! #luxyhome

  • Robert Pritchard - you must try it

    I have been using Airborne for years and it has saved me from getting a cold over and over again when ever I feel a cold coming on I pop one of the pills and the cold goes away and it works fir my son also.and when you buy from Amazon you save a lot of money

  • debbie - Arthri-D3 did not work for me

    Product did not work at all! There was no improvement after taking it for 3 months! Very dissatisfied and disappointed!

  • Kindle Customer - Bumpy road gone!

    This was a gift for Afro-American friend with bumps on his face from ingrown hairs. Saw him a week later and WOW he looked so much better. It is really amazing results. This stuff works!