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  • Yada - Organo Gold Gourmet Coffee

    Organo Gold Gourmet is one of the best coffees I have had. The flavor is smooth and I enjoy its dietary function. I have also tried the Latte and it's pretty great also. Bit pricey but you have to prioritize your spending. I find that I decrease the amount of sweetener I would ordinarily use when I drink the Latte. Yes I would purchase the product agin.


    I tried so many flat irons and I wish I knew the names of them all to tell you all not to waist your money but I am african american with natural hair haven't had any creamy crack (relaxer or perm) in my hair since 05 and sometimes I want my hair streight with out having to resort to using any chemicals. OMGGGGGGG this flat iron works so f*ing good sorry for the language but I swear by these flat irons. Now I was going to buy them from this website but I read some other comments on here that had me nervous to buy them and some ppl were saying they might be fake a downgraded version,defective etc. etc. so i did get mines from the mall with the 5 year warranty. I used them once and all honesty you would've thought I did get a perm or something....So these flat irons are miracle workers I wish I could post pics of the results on here. Before and after or somthing. They are expensive I got mines form Montgomery mall in MD at the stand of course if your smart you can talk them down the box said $200 i paid $137 if your in MD I'd go to arundel mills my friend manged to talk to people at the stand in arundel mills down to 105 for heres :/ but we are both very very please oh and sometimes when I would flat iron my hair prior to owing my PYT flat irons it my wrap didn't come out good at all but with these after i use them and wrap my hair it still has so much bounce it's soft and shinny everything we want basically. So I know PYT flat irons are good but I don't know about buying them here good luck if they're real and everything mines are you'll be very pleased and I'm not the type of person that leaves reviews but i had to with these ones.

  • MarĂ­a R de Plata - Great accesory with different uses.

    Bought it as a Baby Shower gift for my daughter, it is very light and will be used shortly after baby's arrival next november. Thank you

  • GreatMovieCriticForever - Very good sequel to the first movie by Roland Emmerich

    Very good sequel to the first movie by Roland Emmerich. I am glad he decided to take control for the followup. I would have liked to see Will Smith for the screen presence alone, and I think that hurt the movie a little bit, however, Bill Pullman, Liam Hemsworth, and Jeff Goldblum do a great job carrying the film.

  • J. Alden - Pat Down Instructions Vague

    Got this for my little niece. I had to explain how the TSA had a license to pat people down, and occasional "junk-touching" happens. As the picture shows, there is a security dude with a genital scanner. He's the one you have to watch out for. I had to go through the motions with the toy people and show my niece how to kick them in the nuts while yelling "NO! NO! NO!" if this touching happened. It's a good lesson for life. I would have given a higher review if the legs would do a proper kicking motion.