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  • Műszempilla Ápolási tanácsok | Műszempilla felhelyezése 3D 4D - Műszempilla általános ápolási tanácsok. 3D Xtreme Lashes 4D műszempillák. Műszempilla stylist Jós Mária Márta. Jelentkezzen be !

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  • Cow Town Girl - Get smart. Stop eating crap and fix your life. Sugar will kill you.

    Gut health makes sense. Donna Gates is very experienced in this topic and deserves respect for her wisdom in taking good care of your gut. There is plenty of science substantiating that keeping the good and bad bacteria in your system balanced that determine overall good or bad health. If you aren't up on the idea that the gut has it's own brain and that the micro organisms living in and around you may be running your show, read up.

  • Humming Bird - Good Oils, Good Price

    I have been trying out different brands of essential oils for a while now, and this one ranks up high with a few others. The smells are crisp, and I especially like the Sweet Orange oil that came in this set. I dab the lavender on my pillow to help me sleep at night. This is a great bargain on oils that work just as well as DuTerra and Young Living. Especially good for people who are just getting into EO's. I recommend this.