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  • Mt. Sterling Pediactrics | About | Insurance - We currently accept most insurance plan. At this time, our Medicaid panel is full but parents may complete paperwork to be on a wait list in the event that openings become available.
  • Mt. Sterling - Morehead Pediatrics | New Patients - Thank you for trusting Mt. Sterling and Morehead Pediatrics with the care of your child. We strive to treat each child as if they were our own. We are passionate about caring for children and the health of your family. Please call if you have specific questions about our practice. We also encourage families to come to the office for a “Meet and Greet” appointment.
  • Mt. Sterling - Morehead Pediatrics | Well Child - Preventative Medicine and Anticipatory Guidance are the cornerstones of pediatric care. We recommend that your child(ren) follow the schedule for regular check-ups. Many problems and concerns are discussed at these visits, and occasionally concerning problems are recognized and further evaluated. It can also simply provide a “clean bill of health!”

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  • Richard A. Mellin - Bait and switch item !!!

    Does not have the word diesel engraved on the top also does not contain a magnet this is not the item that was advertised !!!

  • cleverusername - Great little blaster

    A good gun, helps me defend myself from assaults from the other side of the office. Shoots pretty much all types of nerf darts. I've noticed that the bottom barrel tends to shoot the furthest, but all barrels will make it past 30 feet without a problem with all types of darts.

  • Debo - Teddy Bear ride

    OMG I love it!!!!!! Made very well. I will have this for a long time. I am 5' 7" and have no problem at all with the standard size. The waist is plenty big thank god there is a drawstring waist. Can't wait until halloween now. You won't be sorry for this purchase it has already brought plenty of laughter to this house.

  • Excellent for cravings and tiredness - Excellent for cravings and tiredness

    This is an excellent guide for those of us who feel tired and have carb cravings. It does a good job of explaining things without being too technical. It really helped me as a first step in controlling my cravings and weight.

  • EVEliason - The acting is horrible, the setting is cheap and the make-up fx ...

    I normally don't watch "B" movies. I decided to take a chance on this one because the storyline seemed interesting. I had to stop 5 minutes into the film. The acting is horrible, the setting is cheap and the make-up fx is child-like.

  • Mike - Love everything about it but went to pull a small ...

    Love everything about it but went to pull a small camper trailer and really struggled. Otherwise would be five star.

  • Anne C - Great for baby's gas!

    Really love this product! This is the second bottle of fennel and catnip extract that I purchased. I buy it for my infant son, who has a lot of lower gas pain. We tried Mylicon gas drops, gripe water, and a lot of other things but nothing worked for more than a couple of days. I mix about 1/2 tsp of it with his milk in his bottle before bed and it works like a charm! It helps him release the gas without the pain. Has allowed us to sleep at night!! Highly recommend for babies with lower gas pain.