The You Revolution - The You Rev blog is a compliment to my newsletter, The You Revolution. This blog provides up to the minute proven science and information on midlife women's wellness, the information you need to stay fit, stave off disease and look and feel better than ever.If you are looking to create the life you imagine can be yours, one of health, living in power, experiencing joy--and having fun in the process, then bookmark this blog.Welcome to the You Revolution.

  • The You Revolution: What Drugs Do Docs Avoid? - One of my major areas of concern for us smart women is our health and how we maintain it. Sometimes we need the wonders of modern medicine it's true and I'm thankful that some drugs exist to save our lives...
  • The You Revolution: More on the Importance of Vitamin D Women - I've posted before on the importance of ample Vitamin D levels for breast cancer sufferers. At the time I reported that those women with breast cancer and optimal levels of Vitamin D had a greater chance of recovery than those...
  • The You Revolution: Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Breast Cancer - Vitamin D has been in the news a lot lately. It is now known that sub-optimal levels of this fat soluble vitamin can pave the way for increases in osteoporosis, lowered immune function, and greater levels of inflammation throughout the...
  • The You Revolution: Master Trainer Camp makes me a Smarter Smart Woman - The mountains above Santa Barbara California are an ideal setting for most anything. I spent last week there learning to be a better communicator, trainer, coach, person. The roster of speakers was packed for 4 full days. Martin Wales the...
  • The You Revolution: Re-Thinking Gardasil - Jenny Thompson, author of the HSI e-alert brought the following disturbing and under reported information about Gardasil to my attention. This fast-tracked by the FDA, 3 stage vaccine is said to protect women from the human papillomavirus (HPV), one of...
  • The You Revolution: Know What You're Getting - How do you pick your supplements? Do you ask the store clerk which brands are "good?" Do you get recommendations from friends? Or do you buy based on price? All of these methods are common but may not be the...

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  • Mark A. Petras - Wonderful product

    We love Basic H2. We love the versatility of it its safety, and its longevity too. Highly recommend it.

  • juan pinto - Not a good game coming from a pes fan

    Worst game ever and I'm a pes fan. Well I did remember the old pes up until 2010 was good but after that the game was awful I feel like the players are walking and not running and yes I'm using the running button. I've been playing FIFA and it's like FIFA became the new pes. They change the way player run and add speed to the game, if FIFA adds the champions league theme pes is done.

  • A.Mazon - Mixed reaction

    Unfortunately I am one if those who did not experience any of the great benefits others found from this product, even after taking it for 4 months. It does have a pleasant flavor and is easy to use.

  • Larry Marshall Meadors - - BUT we have friends who have Blu and they dearly love Blu phones

    Had a volume problem + transferring contacts right from the start! Volume was normal when listening to messages and music but when someone called volume was almost impossible to understand the caller. Transferring our contacts it took 229 contacts and duplicated them to over 2000 contacts?? Contacted support and did a Hard re-boot and it made not difference even after 3 attempts. - BUT we have friends who have Blu and they dearly love Blu phones! AMAZON gave me no problem on the return and we're probably going to go with another Blu but a littler better Model with better Reviews. Had the Volume problem been solved this would have definitely been a 5 Star experience. Let you know the outcome a little later down the road! Larry Marshall Meadows

  • amanda a - Easy, light, and nice strong mist!

    This is my 3rd diffuser purchase. It's not because they break or become ineffective, I just wanted to have one for multiple rooms. Especially wanted one for each bedroom. I diffuse just about every day throughout the day. During the seasonal changes when my family tends to get sick (we actually rarely do! Knock on wood) I diffuse immune or thieves oil blends constantly. Google info about those! In addition to using my diffusers to boost immune health, I love them for aromatherapy! Some of my favorite every day oils to diffuse are: sweet orange, mind body and spirit, energerizing citrus, frankincense, lime, lavender, and meditation blend.