More Pet Pampering - More pet pampering. A blog about loving and pampering your pets. More Pet Pampering is technically just an extension of my pet sitting website.

  • More Pet Pampering a blog filled health tip and cute videos and pictures of dogs. - Hi, Welcome to More Pet Pampering a collection of stories about my three Pomeranians, three cats  and the hundreds of pets I have cared for as a Professional Pet Sitter. More Pet Pampering is technically just an extension of my pet sitting website Pet Pampering.
  • Autism And Dogs Is It Real? - We hear a lot about autism and children but dogs and autism is most likely more rare. Because of this lack of awareness on this subject I wanted to write this post. A friend of mine has a dog whom we believe has autism.
  • A Boy And His Dog And A Remote Control Vehicle- Who's Having The Most Fun? - Who doesn't love to watch kids and dogs play and run. A daschund a toddler and a remote control vehicle makes this a cute and funny video.
  • Some Dogs Just Love The Snow, So Let It Snow! | More Pet Pampering - Our weather in Ohio has been nothing but cold and snow. Much like people some dogs prefer the snow more than others.  ...
  • Eye Infections In Dogs l How To Prevent Them - Luckily my dogs have not had many eye infections that I can remember. The only time I recall was when my Pomeranian Precious developed one because of the extreme case of demodectic mange that she had. It seems dogs with severe mange loose their hair around their eyes.
  • My Dog And Her Weight Problem l Help For Your Overweight Dog l - Do you have a dog that is always hungry and begging for food? Have you asked your vet more than once to test her for low thyroid?  Do you keep getting the same answer from him?  Her blood work is normal.
  • Things You Can Do If You Lose Your Pet - Years ago I had two dogs, one wolf hybrid and one Collie who were always getting out of our fence.  Most of the time I was able to get in the car  drive around find them and bring them back home. This always worked for me except this one time.
  • Royal Canin Dog Food Changing It's Formula To Chicken By-Products - The attempt of dog food manufacturers to produce higher profits by removing chicken meal and adding chicken by-products. Then they try to convince consumers it is a healthy alternative.
  • Demodectic Mange In Dogs, Possible Reasons Older Dogs Get It - Just the word Mange has pet owners running for cover. I think most people including me were not aware that there are two types of mange. Demodectic Mange and Sarcoptic Mange. Sarcoptic Mange is highly contagious and can be passed between dogs and humans.

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  • H. Lewis - Great product.

    We bought this because it doesn't have gelatin which my daughter who is a vegetarian won't consume. She says it's helped clear her complexion. We'll be buying it again.

  • C. Logan - Work well

    I'm very happy with these. I like the look of the steel instead of the black as well. No issues with them lighting up. I hope to attach them to some fence posts so that they stick above them for fence lighting. Nice way to illuminate along the yard when letting the dog out at night. They aren't crazy super bright, about the same as most solar lights. Glad I got them.