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  • - Addisil Heat Curable Rubber - Momentive's Addisil heat-cured rubber line of products are dependable, versatile and can be formulated for a wide variety of industry applications. Learn more.
  • - AgroSpred* Agricultural Adjuvants - AgroSpred* agricultural adjuvants is a line of advanced multifunctional adjuvants that may help optimize the spread and penetration effectiveness of agricultural spray applications. Learn more.
  • - Anchorsil* Coatings - Anchorsil* products by Momentive may offer effective anchorage additives for cationic UV-cure coatings, film release liners and other applications. Learn more.
  • - Carbo NXT Silane - Carbo NXT silane is an excellent coupling agent for silica-reinforced tire tread compounds when liquid silanes are inconvenient. Learn More.
  • - CoolFlow BN Powder Grades - We utilize decades of expertise in BN technology to improve our compound’s cost-effectiveness as a thermal conductor in electrically insulating applications. Learn More.
  • - CoolFX Hybrid Modifiers - Momentive's CoolFX hybrid modifiers provide a more cost-effective solution for most thermal management applications. Learn more.
  • - e-free Silane - Momentive’s e-free silane is a mercaptofunctional silane that can help reduce ethanol emissions in industrial rubber, tire and shoe manufacturing. Learn More.

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  • V. Ulibas - Very complete.

    I found this book to be a preety good introduction to Computer Science. (although its preety obvious the writers didnt know a whole lot about certain avenues of technology)...

  • B. Wood - I've been through 5 containers of this

    I really had faith in the product. But overall, I've noticed no difference. I now have heart palpitations, which I've never had before. I can't blame them on this product, but 2 days off of it and I have noticed a major decrease in them.

  • Jerry R. Boutin - Great Monitors!!!

    I bought 3 of these for my gaming desktop, and they are good quality! No dead pixels, response time is quick, and they are super thin and look very sleek. The only complaint I would have with them is they don't have the VESA screw holes on the back for mounting to the wall or a triple monitor arm. Otherwise you couldn't get any better for the price!!

  • CBonfig - Decent starter book, but NOT comprehensive guide

    I have been a pharmacist for 8 years and am currently in charge of helping to train our new technicians as they are hired. One aspect of their training is to prepare them for the PTCB exam. We have several PTCB exam prep books available, but I decided to purchase this book as well to see what it had to offer. Unfortunately, I would say it is mediocre exam prep book, at best. It covers the basics, but it isn’t a well-rounded exam prep. The math is very basic, the exam itself has more rigorous requirements. Most of the multiple choice questions/answers are simply put out there for you to answer, there isn’t any follow-up or explanation as to why the answer is correct. I didn’t review the content in detail, but one of my technicians pointed out a few things that I would consider to be errors. When taken in conjunction with other exam prep guides, this book may be considered an acceptable starter, but if you really want to pass the test, you are going to need more than this book. Honestly, working in a pharmacy before taking the exam is the best way to gain the knowledge you will need to pass the test (most states give you a period of time, usually 1 year, after starting work in a pharmacy to get certified). (I did receive this book at a discounted price in exchange for my honest opinion. All of the information provided above is my personal experience with the book).

  • Hazel Stewart - They are very multifunctional as they have a volume rocker and microphone which work great

    First thing I noticed was the nice ear hooks which are great as they hold them in better when running ect. The Bluetooth is great as no untangling is needed nor the need to plug it in using a jack socket as I have had connection problems with other headphones using a 3.5mm jack plug. They are very multifunctional as they have a volume rocker and microphone which work great.


    Please guys - Do your research on this candidate without the help of the main stream media. Through an objective lens, any rational thinker will witness that Hillary is an indisputably corrupt politician. I always voted Democrat...but cannot stand behind Hillary after watching her for decades exploit the black community for political gain. We're NOT with her.