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Mike Gravel | Direct Democracy | Political Reform - Mike Gravel is a former US Senator with many years of expertise in direct & representative democracy including referendums, medical marijuana law & more

  • http://mikegravel.com/legislative-record/ Legislative Record | Senator Mike Gravel - In 1973, following years of study and judicial delay, Senator Gravel introduced an amendment to empower the Congress to make the policy decision about...
  • http://mikegravel.com/mikes-national-initiative/ Mike's National Initiative | Senator Mike Gravel - The National Initiative for Democracy a Populist Concept of Democracy. The central power of government in a democracy is lawmaking –– not voting.
  • http://mikegravel.com/photos/ Photos | Senator Mike Gravel - Photos and Pictures of US Senator Mike Gravel. All images on this page may be used for any purpose. They are “royalty free”for everybody.
  • http://mikegravel.com/denouncing-colossal-waste-of-drug-war-report-makes-case-for-decriminalization/ Denouncing ‘Colossal Waste’ of Drug War, Report Makes Case for Decriminalization | Senator Mike Gravel - This report conclusively proves the failure of the Obama presidency. He left the rotting inner cities exactly as he found them. Barack could have ended Nixon’s

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  • Jesse - Educate yourself on fermented foods.

    This book is incredible! Who would believe that fermented foods like kefir attack bad bacteria and pathogens while not attacking the beneficial bacteria. The medical community has no idea of this. The medical doctors don't know that dense foods heal, like bone broth, raw milk, etc...This book is an eye opener and an education!