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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Brittany Marsh - Good product

    I ordered this product because it is a required material for one of my courses. The cards are very informative and set up in a manner that is easy to read and understand. There are a few errors on the cards but our professor helped us recognize these

  • Carolyn Hill - Gun doesn't calibrate

    The gun just won't calibrate. I tried 2 different wii remotes, and no matter what I did, I couldn't get it to calibrate. I wasted over an hour trying to fix it before I started googling and found that most people are having gun issues. It's getting returned. Total piece of junk!

  • tab312 - Love, love, love this!

    Thankfully my son has only had one cold so far, but even for the here and there booger that is irritating him we use this attached to our vacuum and it works great. We started this early so the noise of the vacuum doesn't scare him and when he see's us setting up he knows exactly what is going to happen and cooperates. The only 'downside' I can see to this is that it isn't portable unless you have a vacuum for use wherever you are going (ie grandma's house or something like that) so doesn't help you when you are on the go, but it works so well that I'm happy to have it and would definitely purchase again. Haven't seen the need for something on the go up to this point (son is 9 months), but if I did I guess I would rather purchase something separately for that than to go without this product because it is that good. My niece had a portable one and it was much more messy to clean that this and didn't work as well so that's what led me in this direction in the first place. Happy to find this good quality product that is very effective.

  • Check This Out - Make sure you get the second edition

    If you're getting this book, make sure you're getting the second edition. There's a lot of important and potentially life-saving information that got left out of the first edition.

  • bernie jean - Where's enhanced payroll?

    Just downloaded Quickbooks Pro 14 AND Enhanced payroll. When I opened it up and went to payroll, it shows BASIC payroll. I see Staci with Quickbooks has been very helpful on here, so please help me!!!!!!

  • Amazon Customer - Great Tool

    This beats using paper dip sticks to test the brake fluid. It is accurate as I tested it with new brake fluid and brake fluid contaminated with moisture as well as tap water. Nice addition to your brake tools. It's a good selling point for much needed brake flushes when doing a brake job. Highly recommended