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  • H. Bright - Had hopes...

    Really had hopes for a good book, but this book quickly tripped and fell. The beginning chapter was interesting despite the clichés, but then poor sad little rich (and beautiful) girl took over from the competent forensic dentist. And not one but two tall, ripped, rich and/or successful (yet stupid) macho men then strut around (aroused by anything and everything). Now throw in a brilliant (yet stupid) sadistic (aroused) runt of a bad guy, and totally useless, clueless fussy cops. And there are more "delights"! A gratuitous and totally unbelievable sex scene, a no brainer snatch and grab, and finally, the ending we all saw coming.

  • jn31675 - Good for gamers

    My son is a gamer and wanted this for his birthday. He likes it, says it is comfortable. He said it is suppose to be more responsive than a regular mouse and although he hasn't really noticed it, he said he is glad he got it.

  • Brian Kimmel - Made hair dry....

    I have not noticed this shampoo doing anything special for my hair. What I have noticed is that my scalp and hair are drier and have been experiencing significantly more flakes when brushing my hair.

  • Dudley Dowrong - Delorme Street Atlas USA Plus 2014

    I normally buy from Delorme direct but the free shipping won me over to buy from Amazon. Shipment arrived as scheduled and in perfect condition. Delorme is the best mapping software for the professional traveler. Whether you use it on a desktop or on your laptop. I personally love the phone search to call up an address and the look up for businesses in the area. Program does have a small learning curve to get all the best features but has pop up help to get you started. Once you learn the features it is the cats meow.

  • M. Kandel - Grandma hates it!

    It amplifies, very well, according to grandma. The static is unbearable, though, necessitating a return.We assume you get what you pay for...

  • E. Salinas - Great Machine!

    Well I recently purchased this machine from dicks sporting goods store because of their 1 year no interest, although I think if you have the money you should purchase it on Amazon because there's no taxes! If you have been thinking about purchasing an elliptical this is the one for you I went to dicks and tried them out many times before I actually purchased it and believe me the ride is very smooth and it is not wobbly at all. I used to use the Precor machine at my local gym and absolutely loved it although I had to quit the gym but still wanted a great elliptical. After researching this one I decided to try it out, I've only worked out 5 times on it but so far so good. It isn't as good as the Precor but it is very close it really gives me a good workout I can usually do an hour at the gym but on this machine I can only handle about 40 minutes it is very tuff. But believe me if you are serious about working out this is the machine for you, I love the power incline and resistance levels they work very well and you can really feel the burn. The only reason I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 is because I'm only 5 feet tall and the stride length is extremely difficult for me. Although I don't regret purchasing it, because it really does work. If you are skeptical about buying it I suggest you just put your worries aside and get it , if for any reason you don't like it you can always return it. If you do end up buying it from dicks makes sure you let them set it up in your house it's really hard to get it inside trust me.