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  • Kim B. - Poor song choices

    I rented this game from Redbox to see if I wanted to buy it. I'm glad I did this instead of wasting my money, as I was very disappointed. While the moves are easy enough and the graphics are good, the song choices are poor (Mary had a little lamb? Hickory dickory dock? Really?).

  • Kindle Customer - Just eat better

    I took the product at the behest of my doctor. I didn't know at the time that he received a commission from signing up his patients. I felt this was a little unethical. As for the product itself I could not distinguish it from my normal multivitamin, except that it lacks many of the minerals you would get from one. The pills also lack the fiber, which is of course one of the most important reasons to eat fruits and veggies. At nearly $50.00 a month per person (including processing and shipping) it is 4x as expensive as a multivitamin. Also $50 bucks can buy you a whole lot of delicious fruits and veggies! I am not a doctor, but I do know my money. I would suggest a basic multivitamin to supplement your diet and just find some fruits and veggies you like and eat a few servings a day.

  • Amazon Customer - Easy to use and work!

    My teeth are not the certainly not the whitest that they could be. The combination of having braces years ago when I was younger, along with the higher amounts of coffee and energy drinks that I consume have left me wishing that I had a whiter smile. I have always wondered what laser whitening, whitening strips, or even what the whitening gels would do for my teeth. Laser whitening is not in my budget, and even the whitening strips, such as the Crest ones, seem to be expensive. In looking for a cheaper solution, I came across these syringes (also discounted from the regular price) and I decided to give them a try. They are very easy to use, once you get the hang of putting them in properly. The biggest help I have found is wiping my teeth dry with a tissue or paper towel prior to applying them. I have tried the mouth guard with gel before, and I liked the ease of use and that it covered more area of my mouth (more teeth toward the back) and I feel that these work as good or better. The biggest key to teeth whitening is consistency. You have to make sure that you are constantly using them day after day and not taking big breaks between uses. My teeth haven’t gotten sparkling white (yet) but I did not expect them to be perfect. I did notice a shade or two whiter after using these – the whole set – and I am hoping that using them again will do even more for my smile!

  • Mike - Great textbook for learning on your own

    This books does a great job of teaching medical coding. Just like its title, it goes through ICD-9, ICD-10, CPT, and a bit of HCPCS coding, category by category. I work in health insurance, and I wanted to have a better understanding of medical coding for my job and for the future of my career in this field. With this book, I was able to teach myself the basics of medical coding. Be aware -- medical coding is extremely complicated, and there are many, many things to learn. I spent over 100 hours, easily, on this textbook. Don't let that frighten you. There's just a lot to know about medical coding. This textbook will not prepare you for certification exams like CCS or CPC, nor will it fully prepare you for a job as a coder. It will teach you the basics of coding. If you want to become a coder or obtain certification, you will need much more practice and education. However, if you want to have a good, basic understanding of how medical coding works, or if you're just beginning your journey into a coding career, this textbook will work well for you. One other item to note is that the textbook doesn't cover revenue codes, which are used extensively with hospital billing. I definitely recommend this textbook for a beginner.