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  • Carolina caballero - i was so happy when after about a week and a half i ...

    So through the years i lost a lot of hair, not only on my head but also my eyebrows. and it was a huge hassle constantly having to do my makeup and add more color to my fading eyebrows. when i got the chance to reveiw this product i went for it without thinking twice about it! i was so happy when after about a week and a half i noticed that i had thicker eyebrows! not too thick where you would be like, ooo girl get them brows done', but enough to make me feel happy and not have to put on makeup! once i completed the four weeks that it says it would take, i was even more EXCITED. my brows were fuller, and i felt super confident and sexy. i know it may seem weird cause they are just eyebrows, but nowadays apparently that is like a huge deal. my eyebrows and fuller and thick, now i go get them done instead of having to constantly put on makeup and having to face the embarrassment of smearing it while in public, or not being able to go swimming for that same reason. i really recommend this to my fellow friends also looking for a way to fix their no eyebrow game.

  • Hasan al-Basri - Excellent Shave, Good Price, Good Feel to the Handle

    Very well made handle. I did not think I would be able to trim my mustache above the lip line with these cartridges, as they are 6 blade monsters, but the trim line was better than I thought. The shave is excellent. It is possible to "overshave" with this system, as it does give quite a close shave. When using my Fusion razor (3 blade, as I recall). I shaved with the grain, then finished against and across the grain. As long as I wasn't too zealous, I did not feel any razor burn. With this system, I was way over the top the first time I used it, and got a shave as close as what I used to get from a barber's straight razor....of course it made my neck particularly sore.