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  • Carl Cloer - Good Unit After Mods But See Update Regarding Buying Via Amazon

    Somehow I thought the bin would be bigger, but as long as it holds 2-3 bags of fertilizer I am happy. I have a Polaris Sprortsman 570 that I installed a rear brush guard on, so mods were necessary for the install since the guard prevents mounting the plate on on the rear rack. I had a choice of getting larger U bolts for the 2" brush guard, or drilling...I chose drilling for a more stable, better looking permanent mount for the plate. I centered the mounting plate on the brush guard using the lowest two holes on the plate, marked and drilled through the brush guard with a 5/16 bit then mounted the plate using two and a half inch grade 8 carriage bolts, nuts, washers and lock washers. To solve the tipping/leaning issue other reviews commented about when the bin is full of heavy material, I removed the bolts holding the top metal band on the bin and replaced them with 3/8 eye bolts, then used a pair of 6' 400lb-rated ratchet straps hooked through the eye bolts and rear rack to pull tension on the top of the bin (before loading with material) to add extra stability (you can get a pair of them here on Amazon...Keeper 03720 Camouflage...for less than $13). Trim the strap length for a custom fit then just store them in the bin with the pins used to secure the broadcaster to the mounting plate when off the quad. (By the way, I tried bungee cords first and found that they just did not provide the stability I was looking for, so went with the ratchet straps.)

  • Ryan - Great Processor for Video Processing

    This processor has been lightning fast for my video processing needs, in addition to providing a solid platform for my gaming habits. I would only recommend this processor to anyone who needs the 8 cores though. Having this processor solely for gaming, or light workstation use, would be a true waste. If this is you, save your money, get a 6700k, and use that money to upgrade a system elsewhere.

  • h.baker - Not enough variety

    I can only in good conscience give this product 2 stars until they offer an option for heavy flow days. I mean, these are great for the last 2-3 days of writing, when the flow is pretty light. But for the first couple of days, when the words are just gushing out of me, these pens are just not enough.

  • moskigirl - Works better than any other foot cream I've tried

    This stuff rules! I've tried other "miracle" foot creams over the last 15+ years, but none works as well as this. It's thick and creamy, and really soaks into your skin. Leaves feet soft, but not slippery like some other foot creams. Highly recommend!

  • Quantum - DO NOT PURCHASE!

    It was time to get rid of the old Roxio Creator and get the sparking new Roxio Creator Pro 2012, so I purchased the new product. I went to uninstall the old product and low and behold when I went to restart the computer to install the newest version, my computer crashed and will not restart in anyway or any mode. I tried everything to get my computer to run, but nothing will work. I decided to contact Roxio and found they have no customer phone support and will not help me by email because in their words "I would like to help you with the issue you have in Roxio Creator. Unfortunately, Roxio Creator and all other versions prior to it are now no longer sold or supported by Roxio and hence are called as legacy products. I know this is not the answer you want to hear and if I put myself in your shoes it would be frustrating for me too. Unfortunately, our hands are tied up at this situation." So Roxio won't even help you at all especially if it's their products that caused the problem. Do not purchase this product, it will only bring you heartache when you go to uninstall it in the future. I lost everything on my Computer and I mean everything. Years of photos, all email addresses, accounting and music is all gone! Thank you for nothing Roxio!

  • Eric D Brown - Slick - No grip.

    I'm not impressed. It is just a hard case for the phone that came with a screen protector. I will probably be changing it. It is way toooooooo slick. I can't get a good grip on the phone because is slides right out of my hand. I have to be careful. The last hard case I had was a bodyglove case and it had somewhat of rubber feeling. It gave me much more grip and slip resistance. Other than that, this case does what it is intended to do. No issues with anything other than the lack of friction.