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  • capolinea - rotary mechanism quit after a year of use

    Pros: Cordless; not too loud (don't need earplugs); does a reasonable cleaning job; easy battery removal/replacement.

  • Kathleen Ball - Two nice teas

    I've been using this for almost a week. I love that their is a day and a night tea. You get two pouches of loose leaf tea. One for the day and one for the night. It also comes with a cute tea infuser. Both teas have a nice light flavor to them. I steep mine a bit longer for a stronger taste. The daytime one does give me more energy but the nighttime hasn't initiated a cleanse. I tried steeping it longer - I'm going to try using more. I really don't see weight loss results from detox teas but they do make me feel better- less bloating and more energy are the keys for me. I recieved this product at a discount/ free for a fair and unbiased review

  • Joyce Bertilson - Disappointed

    Inside box and jar were very scuffed up when I received the product. Packaging appeared very old. Cream doesn't have the same consistency as product sold in their kiosks and appears that it is probably not the same. Also, jar was not even half full when it arrived. I weighed it before I used any and will weigh again when jar is empty to see if it really contained the amount stated. I would not buy this online again.