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  • Mark E. Tobin - Better than dumpster diving

    I live near a dumpster that a nearby restaurant uses to dispose of their foodstuff, so I don't usually have much need for a cookbook. BUt then I found a microwave by the curb one early, early morning and it opened a whole new world of dielectric heating to me! The first thing I cooked was an old dented can of Spaghetti-Os and it was very sparky and pretty, but, after the small fire, I learned that you DO NOT put metal in a microwave oven (can i get an amen, Sonia?) THEN I found Sonia Allison's book, Microwave for One lying in the gutter near my dwelling and now I eat like a king. A dirt-encrusted, stinky, flea-ridden hobo king. THANK YOU SONIA ALLISON!

  • Cecilia - Great and Worth the Money

    really excellent product. Does exactly what is supposed to ...Record and playback video...I had looked at a more expensive equivalent, but this proved as good but more affordable. I was reminded of how useful these cameras can be recently. A lorry travelling in front of me suddenly decided to change lanes in some roadworks and sent cones flying like skittles all over the road - I was able to swerve and avoid them, had I not it would have meant a trip to the (expensive) Audi paintshop

  • A. Marks - Buy This Chromebook: IChromeOS is well conceived and implemented, and Toshiba is in sync.

    I finally got the message my Windows Vista laptop had been sending me since I bought it: "I'm here to load Windows Updates, Go Away". Concurrent with that was the realization that I love my iPad because when I turn it on, it comes on, and when I turn it off, it goes off. This Chromebook comes on INSTANTLY, shuts off INSTANTLY, and is a sweet platform to work from in between. The display is awesome. The WIFI is solid. The keyboard facilitates rapid touch typing. The battery life is sufficient. The charger is quick enough. It weights nothing. The price is terrific. ChromeOS provides plenty of functionality (browser, mail, files, photo editing, blogger, calendar, drive, docs/sheets/slides, etc). They're working with Adobe on some sort of streaming access to the CC suite, and with that my needs will mostly be met.

  • Traci Blanchard - Works wonderfully

    Every winter I battle dry, scaling skin on my browbones. I've tried a lot of different products to address the problem with minimal success. This season, I received a sample of the Murad Resurgence eye cream with another cosmetics purchase. Lucky me! I started using the sample and within just three days, the scaling had healed completely. I immediately ordered the full size and am very pleased with the product. Definitely worth the money.

  • Laney B - God Tips

    I read an article about this book in the newspaper and I learned some helpful facts, so I shared the article with friends and family. The next logical step was to buy the book to get more details. It doesn't disappoint. One piece of information alone was very helpful for two people I know.