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  • Jimmy - Thorough Book for Iceland Travels

    This book has everything you need for Iceland. I began bookmarking pages for my trip and learned of some hidden secrets and places to book, from this little book at good prices. I usually use Airbnb for all my travels, but sometimes you wont find smaller owned places by older people. This book has those people you can email.

  • Graybush - Great when dry, good when wet

    I agree with most of what's been written about these gloves so far. Mine fit fine. I just wanted to add that when these gloves get wet, the fingers are as slick as owl snot, at least with my levers. I get caught in the rain sometimes and have done a few unintentional clutchless shifts because my fingers slipped off the clutch lever. Despite the texture on the ends of the fingers, they are just slick. Not a problem when dry. Other than that, I am very happy the gloves. My son also has a pair of these in youth size and he really likes them.

  • 801Jones - Not perfect, but an excellent value for the money.

    This is one heck of a deal. This bike is very light, well built and it seems like it will last for many years. I also had it professionally assembled by Bike Teacher (service provider here on Amazon who services the South Bay Area of California). A couple of notes you should know though: The brake cable in the front came too short from the factory which when tightened made it not very safe and hard to adjust the handlebars. Luckily the service provider was able to extend this for me. Also, the reflectors were not big enough to clasp around the bike... Why they would include reflectors that don't fit the bike is beyond me. Also, plan on upgrading the pedals, seat, and tires. I went with SPD pedals, Planet Bikes ARS saddle and GatorSkin Tires. After reading the reviews, I did not trust the tires that came with it so that was my first upgrade. I am planning to ride this to/from work and will update my review if my impression changes after a while but overall for <$500 on a high end road bike, you just can't beat this deal.

  • happy customer - Webroot Technical Support

    In addition to my satisfaction with the product that most posters have discussed, I am so pleased with their technical support. I've had a minor issue with Outlook links not working since installing Webroot. It was an intermittent problem and of course, was never happening when the tech support would log in to try and view it.

  • P. Marshall - Best security program!

    This is by far the best security program I've had since my first computer! Daily updates, immediate virus catches that don't leave you in the dark, they explain what they've done, what the virus was and what was done. They give me update warnings when another program needs updating, very convenient. I feel very safe.

  • shopgal92019 - She believes that it cleanses hair better than any other product

    I started using this shampoo at the recommendation of my hair stylist. She believes that it cleanses hair better than any other product. I have used it off and on for 6 years. The price through Amazon is better.