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  • Flea - Great to hear from Ronson

    Good book. Nice to hear Ronson on the topic we're all thinking about. Enjoyable (but of course you want a full book on an idea)

  • Shopper girl - This is a great product! My 11 y/o boy makes his own ...

    This is a great product! My 11 y/o boy makes his own pasta anytime he wants and quickly. No waiting for water to boil first then pasta cook time. Uses very little water. Great for the drought in California.

  • Edward Vaughn - This has been the standard for many years and it ...

    This has been the standard for many years and it still holds up. However, it is now, sadly, out of print, except in a large, pricy hardbound volume. Still, if you wish to learn Esperanto, and my suggestion is that you would be wise to do so, this is the dictionary to get. Search the internet. It's worth the effort.

  • Amazon Customer - well it works but takes a long time and many ...

    this product so far has done nothing noticeable, still see them dam bugs nightly tried everything and still have the dam bugs. the only method is using rubbing alcohol straight out of the bottle kills them on contact. this says it kills eggs no it doesn't says it kills up to several weeks no it doesn't. and way to expensive, sorry it is like most things out there garbage waste of money. I bought several gallons like almost 7 gallons and still no results.

  • Kindle Customer - Great product!!

    My 81 year old brother uses Australian Cream, he has very sensitive skin, breaks out with every other products he has tried. I got him started on Australian Dream and it works so well for him that I will make sure he never runs out. Thank you so much for making this product.

  • Mom from WI - Great chair

    This is a great alternative for my daughter who hates her high hair. This makes her feel 'part of the action' while I am cooking dinner or working in the kitchen. Hooks on to most tables and counters and is super simple to take down, fold up and take with for dinners out or travel. Washes well and even has a pocket in the back for small toys. Would highly recommend.

  • Amazon Customer - For someone who has tried product after product...

    I find the Deep Sea Cosmetics Facial Peeling Gel the best. It's gentle, it does the job very well and for someone who has bad skin it's great. I would recommend this product to anyone. I would recommend them buy it here on Amazon and not the mall, unless the product salesperson is willing to bargain the price. I bought it when I went to a mall for $20 when originally the woman wanted me to pay $160 for both the gel and the moisturizer that comes with this product. Overall, this product is great for those who have facial skin problems.