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  • zelmo - Still a great car.

    Traded in my 2005 Prius. A minor annoyance is that the '05 would let you open any door and hatchback with key in pocket, now only the driver door. Also, at this point, don't think that GPS should be extra. Other than-- drives great, great mileage, spacious, looks great.

  • S. Gast - Used it twice ...

    OK, bit early to review this but I've used it twice, I use the Biosilk and was wondering IF this was any better and to be honest, they are both as good as each other! Would recommend this (alcohol free) and the Biosilk (does contain alcohol) but as stated, both make your hair feel silky soft especially with the use of a flat iron (I recommend a Solia flat iron).

  • Amazon Customer - Husband Loves It

    My husband has arthritis in his hands. This gizmo is a God Send to him since he does lots of jobs in the home that require spray cans. I will purchase another couple so he doesn't have to detach and re-attach all the time,

  • Tony - Great item

    I was looking for a new butter to use when I came across this one. The current one I am using is not as smooth and was looking for something a little smother so I tried this one out and I love this item. It goes on very nice and also smells very good. It easy to apply and easy to use and does not leave a greasy feeling after applied. I would recommend this item to you if your in the market for an item like this!