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  • Mark W. Bohrer - Seems pretty dura ble through a few cycles of rolling up ...

    This thing fits the Sprinter's big windshield perfectly, and keeps the vehicle much cooler than it was without it. Seems pretty dura ble through a few cycles of rolling up for storage and extending for use.

  • Gary Hickok - Good enough for me!

    Works real good in my barn/shop window. It is beating out a motor turning actual professional antenna! Wow, how good is that?

  • KariH - I really like the way past lessons keep popping up in future ...

    I am almost through with level 1 and can communicate well enough to feel a lot more confident when traveling to a spanish speaking country. I took spanish for two years in jr. high and feel that I learned more from the introductory tapes than I did in those two years (particularly how to order a beer, lol, I guess they don't include that at the jr. high level). I am having no trouble retaining what I learn from lesson to lesson. I really like the way past lessons keep popping up in future conversations. In the past I was very good with pronunciation and simple vocabulary, but could not follow a conversation. With Pimsleur I can actually participate in conversation. I can't wait to continue and become bilingual at last! All you need is the dedication to devote 30 minutes a day.

  • Moe811 - Melanie and Green's story will keep you at the edge of your seat.

    This series keeps getting better and better. Previous stories have painted Melanie as a loyal friend, but not too bright and a bit promiscuous. Green was depicted as brilliant but with no social skills and less fighting skills than the other I Ops members. Boy were we wrong! This story is full of action, sex, violence, and intrigue. There is a really interesting backstory and one of the most evil villains you will ever read about. The cliffhanger ending will keep you reading this series as long as Ms. Roth continues to write it.

  • S. Martin - Better later than never :)

    *Sigh* Better later than never I guess. I purchased for my grandmother at first...then I tried it. And never looked back!

  • aeadams - Good for the Money

    These books are great for the money you spend. I have the 2012 version and have passed the three test I've taken, first try. I would HIGHLY recommend getting the CPATestBank software too, it's also not very expensive and very, very helpful. It follows the books exactly. I read a module and then get on the computer and take a few 10 question "pop quizzes". My only complaint is the books have typos, a lot of them. They aren't major typos and if you understand the basic concepts to begin with then you should be able to tell when there are typos but still it's annoying that they are there. Wiley is a pretty respected company in the accounting education world so I expected better. Still a VERY good buy for the money. Also, the Testbank questions are worded exactly like the real CPA tests so it made me a lot more comfortable when I took the tests.