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  • I Am Her - Love each and every song.

    I don't usually listen to rap/hip hop but J. Cole is of a different breed. His music actually talks about something and doesn't just rhyme like these talentless rappers. I got a good laugh out of the outro. He has a new fan :)

  • Erin Akins - Use with caution

    I've played on this same exact board hitch I bought from toys r us. Me and my friend were curios on whether it worked or not I was highly skeptical of it we played a few times and the first time we got a 12 year old spirit named Abel he said he liked playing with my friends dog. Then we played again and got another spirit who called himself Akano he said he had a family and was killed by a bear at first this spirt seemed friendly then he started saying some weird things like saying my friends dog is stupid, Obama is a puppet and that the music industry who claims to be illuminati is fake then he tells us that he's buried in a cathedral and that he wants us to dig up his body it started to get really creepy then he started counting down and moved the planchette off the board which I've heard was a bad thing to happen while using the board I guess during that session I had blacked out I felt my body leaving then I felt my head fall in my lap and my friend shook me and I snapped out of it the following months after using it I was being haunted by that spirit I didn't feel the same after using it for awhile. Somehow I managed to shake off that spirit by not lettin it feed off of any negative vibes I strongly urge people to use ouija boards with caution. Never let the spirit countdown on the board if it fully counts down then it crosses through the portal to our world.