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  • Dante Kelly - Inaccurate filament but filament none the less.

    It's filament it just works. Accuracy is pretty poor which isn't too surprising but it's bulk filament.

  • chris wheatley - Good for hacking projects on PC

    While this thing royally sucks for a NES controller, it is great for a hacking project for PC. There are quite a few tutorials of mods people have done using arduino boards to replace the sensor with an accelerometer. Combine this with a Rift or Vive, and you have a pretty nice VR setup. The biggest issue will be finding one at a good price.

  • Michelle - I was so disappointed because I couldn't fit this on the cans

    I bought this for the Rust Oleum spray paint cans (painter's touch, american accents, they are the same sized cans). When I first got this, I was so disappointed because I couldn't fit this on the cans. After reading a few reviews, one of them suggested laying the can on the floor (not right size up, the long side/body of the can on the floor), hold down the can with one hand, and use the other hand to push down the gun on the can. It worked like magic (or basic physics really...)! When you need to remove the gun, put the can back on the floor, and pull instead of push and you have it!

  • Amazon Customer - Very bad customer service and product.

    I placed an order on 9/17/2015. $390 worth of floor mats for my 2 cars. The one I ordered for my 2013 Mercedes didn't fit well. So I decided to returned the item. I called their customer service to set up a return and didn't reach anybody for 4 days.After several calls during this 4 days a recording telling me the average wait time is 1 1/2 hours, I have given up. Finally, I ended up talking with a person and set up the return and I had to pay for the return shipping. I wasn't happy with their customer service and the product.