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  • NMKITTY - Not For Me

    I have used other lash growth products and seen pretty good results, but Bang eyelash growth serum sounded liked it combined the best of all the eyelash growth ingredients. Used it faithfully for just over 4 weeks, and unfortunately it did nothing for my lashes. It did STING my eyes like crazy each and every time I applied it, but the stinging faded after 60 seconds if I blotted the corners of my eyes with a tissue. I tried the hint in one of the comments about fanning my eye until the product dried, but that didn't work either. Seriously, the stinging was so bad, I had to wait a minute to apply it to eye#2 because I could not SEE out of the eye I just applied the product to. It didn't seem to cause any redness or long-lasting discomfort to my eyes, and I had an ophthalmologist's appointment 1 week after I began using the product and she didn't ask my what awful thing I had been doing to my eyes, so I soldiered on, hoping it would work....but no, I'm done.

  • Larysa Jacob - Got what I asked for!

    Good product and fast shipment :)Arrived in timely fashion and wasn't too expensive since I can't find it anywhere else!!!

  • mjs1691 - Incredibly comfortable, high quality, zero gravity chairs.

    This is an outstanding value. These zero gravity chairs are heavy duty, made in China, but exceptional quality. Delivery was quick, even faster than originally quoted. There is a trick to the headrest which anyone can figure out.

  • Tucker L FitzGerald - We gave it two years. One year too long.

    My partner and I wanted a real, grown-up, not-Ikea mattress when we moved into together two years ago. We felt like ~$850 was a big investment, but they let us pay in installments, and our sleep was important to us.

  • New England Gal - Highly recommend

    Protects hair and at same time hair looks healthy, not dry! I color my hair every 8-10 weeks & wash & dry using a hair dryer almost daily! This product is fabulous to put on prior to drying! Also if you do not wash hair on day just use this and lightly dry hair and hair looks fantastic! Shiny and healthy!

  • Eugenia - Intense moisturizing mask for hair

    I have used Pura D'Or oils before. I always used their carrier oil and my favorite is their argan oil. When I saw this new product for hair, I was very excited. First of all, packaging is very unique. This ne long vertical box contains 10 individually packaged hair masks. Each package contains the packet for the hair (the mask) and individually enclosed hair cap. The packed for the mask is a very generous size. If one is a person with a very, very long hair, one can use the entire package. People with medium (shoulder length hair could use 1/2 packet). Any person with a very short hair could use this one packet 3-4 times before they are done. Instructions recommend using this hair mask 2 times a week.