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  • megan crisp - Love love love

    I swear I just absolutely loved this story, the way the heroine was written makes her seem like ....... and the way misha is written, just ahhhhh love it... yes this review sucks, wanna know why? Because you need to know it's worth the read, but go into it blind!!! Happy reading <3

  • Mrs. Stntn - Not happy

    This cream did not do what it was supposed to do, but I didn't want to mess with mailing it back for full refund. I just will not order any more! I was hoping it helped with my knee pain but didn't do anything. I am going to try something else.

  • J. Lawton - Not available in our area

    We tried this taco sauce while traveling and liked it much better than the dry mix we had been using. The flavor is different and richer.

  • Amazon Customer - Great preshave oil

    My husband has been using this for 10 years and won't use anything else. It is great for his sensitive skin. The oil prepares the hair and skin for a smoother shave. He loves it.

  • amanda smith - its a keeper

    I have a cat carrier but my kitten is already actually out growing it so i have been looking for a different one. When i saw this i thought it looked so unique and i have never seen anyone with a pet carrier like this. I thought it was the perfect size for him, the reviews were really great and i absolutely loved that it was collapsible. My cat is very odd i usually leave the pet carriers out for him to sleep in sometimes. I read before that you shouldn't just bring a cat carrier out when the cat is going go the vets, because when they see the carrier they will automatically get nervous and know what is coming next. I know it sounds crazy but i totally believed that i leave mine out in the living room for him with a towel and i catch him sleeping in it a lot. When this came it took me a few minutes to actually put it together. It wasn't hard but i just had to get the zipper to line up perfectly. I put it on the ground and he went right in there had to check it out and see what it was. I really love this pet carrier like i said its a great size and it collapses. Very happy with my purchase


    While it does its job, it's getting WAY too pricey. One expensive software for the federal, another chunk o' bucks for the state. I am cranky and feeling gouged. I am buying H&R lock for my business next year.