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  • S. Yuri - Seems to have worked well for ~3 months and counting

    76 Camaro, crate 350 engine with mild performance upgrades, engine has been in car for about 15 years but only has about 25k on it since this is my recreation/fun car. Coolant leaking into #7 combustion chamber. Was having to add coolant every few days. Added Bar's Head gasket fix in early February and the leak stopped right away. Almost 3 months later, still holding. I have only driven it for about 1000 miles though. Heater works fine. I don't really expect this to be a permanent fix, but it is buying time until I eventually have to get the real fix done.

  • mom pappala - great stroller

    I bought this stroller after looking at sit and stand strollers for my 2+1/2 year old and 4 year old children. I test drove the sit and stands and did not like how large and heavy they were. Since my children are older I just wanted a light weight stroller that one child could ride and one could stand on. I found this stroller and am very happy with the purchase. It folds a bit thicker than an umbrella stroller but is very light weight. Some people say it feels wobbly and rickety, which it does, however it does have a solid frame , I was able to push my 32lb 2+1/2 year old sitting in the seat and my 36lb 4 year old standing on the back over a gravel parking lot with very little effort. The tray opens easily and the seat is very adjustable. The standing area on the back is really just a tiny ledge but both of my children enjoy standing on it and holding on to the handles for stability. The handle extension is useful for leaving room for a child standing in back. The fabric is removable and washable and the basket is very large for an umbrella type stroller, the canopy is fantastic also. It is not as easy to navigate as my maclaren stroller but I use this instead since it is more useful to have the standing option on the back for a second child.

  • J. Manfrede - Great product!

    I use this product to help give me an extra boost of energy. I have been working on weight loss and no longer drink soda which was my main source of caffeine. At my low points in the day where I feel tired, I take one pill, and my energy is back. So far I have lost 40 pounds with this method. Great product!

  • Chara G Ingrassia - Awesome Tanning lotion

    This lotion stands up to its reviews. Great subtle, buildable color and the lotion doesn't have a heavy metallic smell on your skin after just a short time. After about 12 hours it has a faint metallic smell, but you should be hitting the shower by then. Great dark brown color to the lotion so you can see where you're putting it helps to get it even.