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  • Ace Cool - Really fun

    Bought two and must say these little (they are little) have more power than any of the other Nerf guns my son has. Easy to conceal, fast reloading, quick to re-power. We have been having a great time sneaking around the house blasting each other, just watch the head shots, these things really propel the foam darts.

  • Tison - the bottles received were not pump bottles

    The bottles pictured are not the ones I received. I received bottles with a "click top" like a shampoo bottle. The company quickly responded with an apology and sent me 2 more bottles, but they still had no pump. They then apologized and said that the company "must no longer" be using the pump top bottles. I'm not sure if this is true or not, as I remember the company used to use the click top bottles and then switched to pump top. However, I've not contacted Acnexus directly. I'm not even sure they can be contacted directly, as my research of them on the internet over the years has yielded "shady" results (no numbers, strange reviews, etc). I've been using this product for years. I've tried other facial washes, but this works best. I have skin on the oiler side. My sister has drier skin and has been using this for years as well.

  • Amazon Customer - Really works.

    I didn't notice a difference with the first two uses, but then, by the third use, I really saw whiter teeth. I use every other day. Every day with sensitive teeth did hurt a bit. Also use remineralizer.