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Behandeling: longkanker, darmkanker - Aanvullende behandeing van kanker met voeding en supplementen. De behandeling is op basis van wetenschappelijk onderzoek ontwikkeld. kanker borstkanker pancreaskanker longkanker darmkanker huidkanker leverkanker nierkanker prostaatkanker alvleesklierkanker baarmoederkanker baarmoederhalskanker kahler keelkanker baarmoeder borst borsten leukemie melanoom darm prostaat lever schildklier blaas teelbal long maagkanker tumor tumoren gezwel gezwellen kwaadaardig chemokuur chemo chemotherapie radiotherapie bestraling bestralingskuur bestralingtherapie therapie dikkedarmkanker bijwerkingen metastase chirurg carsinoom sarcoom oncoloog oncologie houtsmuller moerman dieet pilliewillie kanker2

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  • Zactivix - Good range, comfort, & overall value. Mediocre sound quality.

    As noted in other posts, the buds come in a nice package. It was great for them to include a charger cord with both Android (used to charge the buds) and iPhone plugs. They look stylish. Main operation is easy - the right earbud logo is a button used to play/pause and turns off with a longer hold. Whenever I use the volume rocker it requires too deep of a press that can move the earbud out of place. The sound quality is acceptable, but leaves much to be desired. The bass bottoms out and doesn't sound as rich or full as I'd like. Phone conversations are clear and my voice is received well. For $40, this is a good value, however I just wish it had a bit more punch and richness for a better music listening experience.

  • Larry - Indepth at Why This is the Best Chromebook and Which Model to Buy

    Edit March 30, 2016: 3215u model has actually: a battery life of 9 hrs as actually proclaimed on 50% brightness + 10 hrs on 1 at full battery. Wow.

  • Gregory Smith - My 5-year-old niece loved it.

    A lot of children's books offer one story at the most, so I felt this was a great value, 100 stories as opposed to one. The quality is superb to, my niece absolutely loved it, especially the story about how the bees used cactus needles to get their stings after getting tired of the bears stealing their honey. The illustrations are beautiful, some of them reminds me of Aesop, the famous Greek fable writer.

  • JanT - Reaction to collar

    The one star indicates hating the collar...I don't hate it because it doesn't work...I believe it works BUT my cat was sensitive to the collar and ended up with burn like sores around his neck where the collar touched his skin. I didn't have it too tight...I was careful of that...and I didn't just put it on and not check his neck periodically. I was afraid that he might have a reaction to it because Frontline makes him act as if he was dipped in boiling water. After you put this collar on your pet PLEASE check it every day to make sure they are not having a reaction to it. My cat's hair fell out where the collar laid on his neck. Sores appeared...as soon as I saw that he was having this reaction I got that thing off of him. Our vet is giving us a credit on our account because I called them and told them about our experience. We paid like $58.00 for the collar so it isn't cheap. Bottom line: be aware of how your pet is reacting to the collar and don't just put it on and forget about it.

  • Barbara Figueroa - afrin severe congestion nasal spray

    I wanted to know how come they dont sell the severe congestion spray in the stores any more ? They sell sinus and the regular afrin spray but i have a hard time finding this paticular spray and its the best one out of all of them . I have gone to so many stores and they never have this spray, I think they should have this spray on the market all the time like they have the other ones I cant tell you how well this spray works and so quick and quick relieve at the same time I have refered this spray to so many people and they think its great but when you run out and you cant find it in the store what good is it when you have to wait so long to recieve it in the mail.It would be nice if they had it in the store more often.