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  • jjswan33 - Great bike for this price.

    For the price of the bike the features are great. I wanted the disc brakes and the higher end components. The shifters could be better.

  • P. Cothran - Ummmm, it's a little overpriced!

    Sorry, haven't actually tried this yet. Will be ordering directly from Pampered Chef who sells it for $29.50. Me thinks someone is trying to make big bucks on this!

  • Nobby - Voted Number 1 in North America

    Down sized from Accord to Civic. Very happy with the turbo, handling and 42 miles per gallon. Purchased from a dealer in Washington State offering a LIFETIME warranty on engine parts.

  • S Sargent - I choose this over Salon Brands

    When I was traveling last summer I ran out of my shampoo and conditioner I normally use which at the time was Matrix I believe. My Mom is a hair stylist so I have been using salon products since I was about 14 (I'm 40 now). Only on rare occasion have I used anything other than a salon shampoo or conditioner (while traveling for a night or 2 and once I tried Frizz Ease). Anyway, I'm coming from a Salon quality is the only thing that should touch my hair mentality. I chose this Organix shampoo and conditioner because I sometimes use pure raw coconut oil on my hair as a deep conditioning treatment and it leaves my hair soft, moisturized and shiny for days after. I also like that some of the ingredients are organic though as one reviewer pointed out, some are not which is a true bummer.

  • Allison M. Paul - Surprised by Results

    I am dyslexic and have been struggling w/ reading comprehension my whole life. I did some research on supplements and came across Choline and loved what I read. Most studies have been done on pregnant lab rats who were given Choline and their offspring had a noticeably higher rate of learning and cognition. I've been taking 1 pill (450mg for women not pregnant or nursing/550 mg for men/650 for women pregnant or nursing) and am truly surprised at the results. I read over 300 pages a day as part of my profession and have found that I am taking less notes and retaining a great deal more than ever. I attribute this (placebo or otherwise) to Choline and Piracetam, which I've been taking twice daily along w/ the one dose of Choline.

  • Charlie R. Bishop - It works!

    When we bought our building, the PO had neglected to turn off the water before vacating the property. Before we took over the pipes froze and burst. We had quite a mold problem. This product mitigated the mold and helped us save some sheet rock from being replaced. Who knew baking soda and water would do all that?!!?

  • 2 Dogs No Cats - Better than vitamins

    My sister who is a homeopathic physician told me about Juice Plus 10 years ago and at the time I was on 15 different pills a day from a biochemist who is very well known in Miami. I think he is great but I was spending a small fortune and although I was a little better I wasn't at what I felt should be optimum health especially from all these vitamins I was taking. After 4 months on juice plus everything got better, my energy, my mental alertness and focus, I became more regular, better digestion, sleeping and waking up better. I had a lot of issues and this seriously made some drastic positive changes. It's funny, because people think this is a miracle drug or cure and it's not. It's simply like they said, the next best thing to fruits and vegetables. What don't people understand? The fruits or the vegetables? I actually found myself craving more fruits and vegetables and it's been 10 years since I started and haven't had any major colds or flu for that matter. Whey would I stop taking it? The only other thing I've taken is a Vitamin D, nothing else in 10 years and I've had perfect health, thank God. I just turned 47!