Deliverance It has Come; WWII POW Diary 1942-1945; Los Banos - Herman K. Beaber a missionary wrote a WWII POW Diary. This is a story of his fight to stay alive in a Japanese internment camp

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    Country:, North America, CA

    City: -124.3194 British Columbia, Canada

  • Dave Womach - AMAZING! Highly recommend

    Perfect for a bug out bag, emergency kit, or just plain camping. Definitely keeping some of these around for tough times ahead. Used this for charging my cell phone, and iPad Mini while camping. Was perfect for being able to watch some movies without losing battery power.

  • Alli - Skin like glowing silk. Luxury for a bargain!

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this coconut scrub by Aria Starr! I've been using similar products for years, but this company has TRULY gotten my notice. I have tried other products from their impressive line of skin care products, and have always been extremely impressed and pleased with the results. This particular scrub will make your skin feel like silk, and have you glowing from head to toe. I would definitely recommend this product, as well as anything else by these guys. They rock! My scrub arrived right on time and was packaged perfectly and securely and tightly sealed. Incredible deal, too! If this helped anyone out there please check yes. Thanks so much.

  • Sunshyne - Still in nursing school so it must have worked!

    I liked this book. It gave people like me - who really never had to study, points on studying and breaking down a question.

  • Anita - Just Ok for Me

    I would purchase again but I'm not as crazy about the cookie n creme flavor but you can change the taste a little bit by putting in a banana or whatever kind of fruit you like. I also put in the powder PB2 and it made it taste really good so for me to purchase this flavor again I'd have to have some PB2 on hand.

  • linda - Only thing that keeps me comfortable...

    With 5 herniated thoracic discs and 3 bulging lower ones I can stay pretty comfortable most days on 2 tabs in the am..The am pain is often miserable...but Tylenol gets me moving enough to get to work..I rarely need more...nothing else seems to work as well.

  • Taylor Stovall - CRAP SOFTWARE!

    Not worth the money, I have to have this because that's what we use in our office. I'm fixing to uninstall it and purchase the 2003 version. Its very slow and I lost some printing features with this version. The previous one star reviews are spot on.