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  • CS in Alabama - Far better than Dodge's green milk jug cap

    I was pretty surprised that Dodge put a green milk jug cap in my fuel inlet to work as a cap. At first I thought maybe there was a screw up by the prep guys but no...that was the cap. I had visions of soapy water at the car wash filling the pipe, maybe some bugs, who knows. I bought my cap with the tether. It came with two o-rings in case the installed one was too tight, but it fit fine. The part is heavy metal with a green diesel paint / anodizing scheme. Nice cap, good quality.

  • Amazon Customer - PlayStation VR is amazing!

    After playing with it for over the past 10 days, I can say this:The lenses fog up with the slightest breath on it, from something touching the lenses or simply from sweating. the resolution is bad. the most accurate way to describe the resolution is it's like putting on glasses except the glass is replaced by a screen, like a screen door. However, VR is an amazing experience and it is a fairly new technology. I can't wait to see where VR goes from here. In conclusion, it's more than worth it for the price compaired to other VR systems, and it makes every game a thousand times better (even with low resolution)! I hope that PlayStation VR 2 has 4k resolution!