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  • Getting Your Business To Ad Up | Beverly Hills -- Holistic Chamber of Commerce | IMUSA Articles - This August the Beverly Hills Holistic Chamber of Commerce is meeting on Wednesday, August 10, 2016. We meet at the Beverly Hills Public Library. The topic being presented is ”Getting Your Business To Ad Up.”
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  • Menopause Lowers Good Cholesterol (HDL) | Latest | IMUSA News - Menopause lowers good cholesterol (HDL) protection, raises atherosclerosis risk
  • Managing My Depression In The Midst Of Trauma | Latest | IMUSA News - I have suffered from insidious depression for at least 39 of my nearly 54 years of living. At this point, I have lived with depression long enough to know that I am extremely sensitive to human suffering and trauma.
  • Constellation Healing: From Here to Eternity and Back Again! | Beverly Hills -- Holistic Chamber of Commerce | IMUSA Articles - There are many so-called ‘healing’ modalities out there that make numerous ‘healing’ promises; yet the results they actually deliver leave something to be desired.

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  • Damen Bonneau - Great gift!

    My girlfriend absolutely loves this thing. It has really helped her keep on track. There is plenty of space to write down anything you need, including an area for notes on each day, and the quotes are very uplifting :)

  • M.Conklin - Strange combination

    I was disappointed in this calendar. The bubbles are fun to pop and my daughter enjoys popping them each day, but you can't really tell which bubbles have been popped so I'm confused at the point of combining the bubble wrap and calendar. I think my daughter would have preferred plain bubble wrap. I didn't recieve the bonus holiday stickers mentioned in the listing and the calendar is very plain/boring, only a few small bits of color on the holidays. I really wanted to love this because everyone loves bubble wrap but it just isn't that great. I received the product at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

  • R Vinopal - Gorgeous Grass

    Seed produced a smaller blade, dark green grass. Planted the first batch Sept. 8. One week later green shoots appeared. Grows well in a semi-arid climate if watered often enough to stay moist. Also, covering seed with 1/4 inch of mulch helps with moisture in a dry climate. Very attractive grass.

  • Jorden Bekka - Great moisturizer for acne-prone skin!!

    For those that have sensitive skin this is the product for you! If you are anything like me then you definitely want to give this product a try. My problem is that I break out with anything I put on my face so I have to be really careful with the products that I use. This stuff really surprised me in that it is so moisturizing but it doesn't break me out. The green tea extract in this contains an antioxidant which exhibits antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which is excellent for people like me. Some of the things this product does is it helps prevent acne and wrinkles, nurtures the skin, has vitamin C which is wonderful for your skin, has vitamin B3 which improves circulation and it also has anti-inflammatory effects. I have noticed that once I started using this that it has really evened out my skin tone and hydrated my face. It looks glowing!! Up until recently I didn't put anything on my face for fear of breaking out because whenever I used to use any moisturizers I would break out. In fact, I would break out so bad that it would take me a couple weeks to get rid of all the acne that covered my face. A couple months ago I started using argan oil but I wanted something more, something that would fight aging a little better. The only problem is that anti-aging serums always break me out but I finally found the solution and it is this product! It is really easy to apply and it goes on super silky but absorbs into the skin extremely fast. It leaves your skin feeling really hydrated without a heavy or greasy feeling! Another major problem I have is that I have huge pores that get clogged super easy. I also have blackheads and this product has really helped me with that. I've noticed a huge difference in the way my skin looks especially when I pull out my magnified mirror and look at my pores! I'm really excited about this product and I will continue to buy! It has exceeded all of my expectations! I received this item at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion and review. I highly recommend it for people with acne prone skin or those that just want a great anti-aging and antioxidant facial moisturizer. This is a really great product and a little goes a long way!!!

  • DIANA - ... see it if I don't purchase the season not good for me I better keep Netflix

    That the season that I want to watch it have to pay more for what I pay for this I wanna see food network but I can't see it if I don't purchase the season not good for me I better keep Netflix

  • Heidi - Great case. Just a little more slippery than the ...

    Great case. Just a little more slippery than the same model I had for my iPhone 6 but not too bad. I'd still recommend :)