Veterinarian | Indian Trail Animal Hospital - Your Neighborhood Center for Exceptional Pet Care! Indian Trail Animal Hospital's goal is to be your pet’s healthcare provider for a long healthy life.

  • Vetcamp - Indian Trail Animal Hospital - We’re looking forward to hearing from you! Call us, email us, show up on our Facebook page or live and in person! We are conveniently located just off Unionville–Indian Trail Road and Highway 74, one block behind Kate’s Skates.
  • About Indian Trail Animal Hospital - Meet the staff, take a tour. Find out why Indian Trail Animal Hospital is one of a kind.
  • Indian Trail Veterinarians - Indian Trail Animal Hospital doctors take pleasure in getting to know you and your animals. Once you’ve established a bond with one of our vets, we’ll make every effort to make sure your pet gets in to see “their” doctor.
  • Indian Trail Staff - Our top notch staff and bright, cheery facility can make a trip to the vet seem like a walk in the park. We’re more focused than ever on providing top-quality care for your pets and friendly, helpful recommendations to you that can help keep your pets healthy and happy.
  • Indian Trail Staff Education - We at Indian Trail Animal Hospital feel strongly that a well-educated staff is key to excellent service for you and excellent care for your pets.
  • Indian Trail Animal Hospital - Indian Trail Animal Hospital has been serving the animals of Union County since 1993. Since those days, the population of northern Union County has grown tremendously and so has Indian Trail Animal Hospital!
  • What’s New at ITAH - There’s always something new happening at ITAH and exciting developments on the horizon as well. Here’s what’s been happening over the last year and a peek at what you can expect soon!
  • Indian Trail Testimonials - Read about our current specials, promos and news updates right here on our Indian Trail Animal Hospital blog!
  • Indian Trail Services - Indian Trail Animal Hospital provides the highest quality, compassionate care for your loving companions. From emergency services to dental care and boarding to general surgery, we are here to help take care of your pet.
  • ITAH Medical & Surgical Care - It is a challenge and joy to bring our top-notch medical knowledge and medical technology to bear on diagnosing your pet’s condition.
  • Indian Trail Senior Care - We recommend screening tests such as blood work and blood pressure (and potentially other items depending on your pets’ breed and specific risk factors) at regular intervals as your pet ages.
  • ITAH Boarding/Grooming Services - Indian Trail Animal ‘Hotel’ has new and improved comforts and is now open to canine and feline guests. We hand walk all of our canine guests on a large grassy lawn and have a dedicated kennel staff comprised of veterinary assistants and technicians.
  • ITAH Consulting Relationships - We believe your pet’s care should be exceptional at all times. When specialty medicine is called for we partner with the best in the business.
  • Indian Trail Prevention Pays - No doubt you share our goal of wanting your pet to live a long, happy, and healthy life. Dollar for dollar the most effective way to get there is with preventative medicine.
  • ITAH Common Conditions – Canine - Your pet may have an ear infection if you note ANY of the following – odor from the ears, excessive wax, head shaking, head scratching, head tilt or drooping ear.
  • ITAH Common Conditions – Feline - We treat fleas in both dogs and cats every day of the year. Even one flea on your pet can mean a large problem in your home. Please see us for advice on flea treatment and prevention.
  • Indian Trail Online Pharmacy - We stock a complete line of pharmaceuticals and prescription diets that are available at the time of your appointment so your pet doesn’t have to wait to begin to heal while you wait on a pharmacy to fill a prescription.
  • Downloadable Forms - Join the ITAH Family - If this is the first time your furry friend is coming to see us at Indian Trail Animal Hospital, we’re looking forward to meeting them!

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