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India International Healthcare Recruiters, Doctors,Nursing Your Overseas Dream - India's Largest Healthcare & Medical staffing agency.Specialist in Nurses,Doctor,Therapists,Technicians etc.

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  • Ria Jones - Great product

    This nail dryer works great I can paint my nails 20 mints before leaving the house and its dry in 5 mints love this will recommend it to friend and plan to but more

  • amazonshopper - After over 3 years I finally got it right-now can't live without KCCC!

    Ok, so just like many other reviewers here, this product works, you just have to try, try and try until you find the application technique that works for you. I am a heavy YouTube watcher and bought this product in 2009 when natural hair ladies there were raving about it. Tried the dripping wet method-- didn't work. Tried the dripping wet then light rinse out method. Tried the not so wet method-- didn't. Work. Tried it with two strand twists. Didn't work. My hair either took forever (2 days) to dry or was crunchy and very shrunken or sticky. My hair is thick type 4- not exactly what letter but I do have a few very tiny coffee stirrer size curls when wet. Ive always loved the knot today though, but gave up on KCCC. Knot today is the best leave in ever, IMHO. After giving up on KCCC, I found a method that worked great for my wash n gos-- co-washing with Giovanni smooth as silk conditioner, knot today leave in, then curl activator gel, then clear Eco styler gel over that. This system works great for me. However, one day I was out of curl activator gel, and I still had a tiny amount of old KCCC in my bathroom. I use the activator gel in my wash n go regimen to "soften" the Eco. I thought hey, maybe the KCCC can fulfill this function. I had never used it this way (under Eco styler) and oh boy!! The best wash n go I've EVER had. I used to have to cowash and reapply gel after working out every 2-3 days, but not with the KCCC. It lasts! Plus my hair is so much softer and shinier. So MY way of using KCCC is one that I've personally never read about or seen anywhere, so I wanted to share. Again, my recipe for perfect wash n go: cowash Giovanni smooth as silk (but some people may need to clarify with a shampoo), knot Today, KCCC then clear Eco styler gel over that. Perfect! Using the Eco gives me the hold and hang that I need for my type 4 hair. KCCC alone didnt do it, but with Eco styler it is fantastic!

  • Mike.S - perfect EDC for anyone and everyone.

    Bought this knife to carry to work and in my general life. It is prefect for that, fits discretely in my pocket and is sturdy enough to take anything I can throw at it. Blade is very sharp out of the box and the bottle opener works like a charm. If you are like me and never leave home without a knife or multi tool in your pocket then this is one knife you should take a serious look at. Especially for the money, it is really hard to beat