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ARcare - Augusta, Arkansas - Doctor, Dentist, Pediatrician, Family Practice Physician - Affordable healthcare for ALL, personalized care for YOU. Providing rural Arkansas with high quality healthcare and community services for all patients -newborn to older adults.

  • http://ih-wrr-old.eznp5.ihealthspot.com/NewPatientForms.aspx New Patient Registration Forms - ARcare Doctors, Pediatrician, Family Physician, Dentist - Download your new patient forms now. Our doctors, pediatricians, dentists and pharmacists provide convenient, affordable healthcare.
  • http://ih-wrr-old.eznp5.ihealthspot.com/AboutUs.aspx Affordable Healthcare For All - ARcare Primary Care Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists, HIV Care - About Us - Providing affordable healthcare to meet the primary medical and dental care needs of the residents in rural Arkansas.
  • http://ih-wrr-old.eznp5.ihealthspot.com/Resources.aspx Doctor, Dentist, Family Physician, Pharmacy - Bald Knob & McCrory, Arkansas - Additional Resources - ARcare is dedicated to Health For All in Arkansas. We hope you find the following resources helpful to you and your family.
  • http://ih-wrr-old.eznp5.ihealthspot.com/Affiliations.aspx Doctor, Dentist, Pharmacy, Hospital Affiliations - Des Arc, Arkansas - ARcare maintains a number of affiliations to ensure that we fulfill our mission towards “Health for All”.
  • http://ih-wrr-old.eznp5.ihealthspot.com/MeetOurStaff.aspx ARcare - Parkin, Arkansas - Meet Our Physicians - ARcare features a large staff of highly trained doctors, dentists, pharmacists and support staff to ensure top quality care for you and your family.
  • http://ih-wrr-old.eznp5.ihealthspot.com/HealthServices.aspx Family Physician, Doctor, Pediatrician, Dentist, Pharmacy - Multiple Locations Across Arkansas - Our Services - Healthcare for All, individualized care for YOU. ARcare offers a broad range of techniques and bring you the latest advancements in health care.
  • http://ih-wrr-old.eznp5.ihealthspot.com/HealthServices/Pediatrics.aspx Pediatrics, ARkids - ARcare Affordable Family Healthcare Across Arkansas - The best in pediatric care from babies to teenagers for your children’s checkups, immunizations, school physicals, cough, cold, fever, upset stomach, and common pediatric conditions.
  • http://ih-wrr-old.eznp5.ihealthspot.com/HealthServices/Cardiology.aspx Chest Pain, Heart Doctor, ARcare Cardiology | Arkansas Cardiac Stress Testing - ARcare Heart Doctors offer specialized treatment for chest pain, heart attack, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, angina, and all other conditions related to the heart and its blood vessel system.
  • http://ih-wrr-old.eznp5.ihealthspot.com/HealthServices/OralHealthDentistry.aspx Discount Dentist Des Arc & Augusta, AR| ARcare Family Dentistry | Affordable Dental Care - Our ARcare dentists treat patients with insurance, those without insurance, and those that are underinsured. Family dental care for year checkups, cavities, tooth pain, missing or cracked teeth and more.
  • http://ih-wrr-old.eznp5.ihealthspot.com/HealthServices/FamilyPractice.aspx Family Practice Doctor Arkansas | Affordable Healthcare ARcare, ARkids, Medicaid - Our ARcare doctors treat everything from sore throats, earaches, and the flu to rashes, sprains, and stomach aches. Our family practice physicians also provide yearly physicals and preventive screenings.
  • http://ih-wrr-old.eznp5.ihealthspot.com/HealthServices/WomensHealth.aspx OB/GYN, Prenatal Care, Women's Health Arkansas | ARcare Obstetrics, Gynecology - We offer services on a sliding fee scale. OB/GYN care from menstrual periods, family planning, pregnancy, heavy menstrual periods, teen pregnancy, STD and menopause to postmenopausal concerns.
  • http://ih-wrr-old.eznp5.ihealthspot.com/HealthServices/DiabetesSelfManagement.aspx Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes Self-Management Arkansas | ARcare Diabetic Education Program | Discount Healthcare - Everything you need to know to stay healthy and avoid medical complications. You can receive care for diabetes at ARcare, regardless of your ability to pay.
  • http://ih-wrr-old.eznp5.ihealthspot.com/HealthServices/ChronicDisease.aspx Chronic Disease Management, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure - Arkansas - ARcare Doctors - ARcare is your source for treatment and management of chronic conditions, including high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, lung disease, thyroid disease, arthritis, and more.
  • http://ih-wrr-old.eznp5.ihealthspot.com/HealthServices/HIVAIDSCareProgram.aspx HIV/AIDS Care Program Arkansas | Confidential Testing, Information for All Ages - Do you know what your HIV/AIDS status is? Make a confidential appointment to find out.
  • http://ih-wrr-old.eznp5.ihealthspot.com/CommunityAssistance.aspx Community Assistance, Family Healthcare - Carlisle, Arkansas - ARcare - Centered on assisting you and your family to obtain affordable healthcare services, including prescription medication and transportation to medical appointments.
  • http://ih-wrr-old.eznp5.ihealthspot.com/DiscountedServices.aspx Discounted Healthcare Services, Dental Care, Family Physician, Prescription Medications - Brinkley, Arkansas - Our case management team can help link you to services, including Medicaid, ARKids, Medication Assistance Programs, and more.
  • http://ih-wrr-old.eznp5.ihealthspot.com/OurLocations.aspx Family Physician, Doctor, Dentist, Women's Health, Pharmacy - Care across Arkansas - Locations/Contact Us - With locations throughout rural Arkansas, we offer convenient, affordable, accessible healthcare for you and your family from newborn to older adult.
  • http://ih-wrr-old.eznp5.ihealthspot.com/ArcarePharmacy.aspx ARcare Pharmacy - Parkin & Brinkley, Arkansas - Affordable pharmacy services to the Parkin and Brinkley communities in Arkansas.
  • http://ih-wrr-old.eznp5.ihealthspot.com/CenterforEducationWellness.aspx Center for Education & Wellness - ARCare Augusta AR - A year-round program, our Center for Education and Wellness offers before and after school programs with breakfast, snack and lunch provided. Ask about our summer program.

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