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Women's Center Pelvic Health: Nationally recognized, comprehensive treatment for gynecology problems, such as: hysterectomy, urinary incontinence, endometriosis, abnormal uterine bleeding performed laparoscopically. - Celebration Health Florida Hospital, Women's Center for Pelvic Health is a truly unique facility, offering you a comprehensive one-of-a-kind health care experience.

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  • Amazon Customer - What happened to the previous 4-star reviews on this laptop PC?

    This computer was listed earlier before I purchased it with three 4 star reviews. They are no longer being posted and I'm wondering why, adding to my increased suspicion about this PC. Also, the shipping weight has changed from 6 pounds to 13 pounds. I'm wondering if what I bought was really new or just sold as new and/or even the real thing. I expected this computer to run faster and without any glitches especially with the 2015 Newest 6th Gen Skylake Intel Core i5-6200U Processor. The start up and restarting is very slow at times, and would go on and on. The text is smaller than usual which I didn't expect nor like, thinking I would be getting a better display with a 1920x1080 1080p. The mouse tab isn't responsive at times and I have to keep tapping to get a response. There is no adjustment for that, either. I am having my doubts about this computer, its origin, poor performance quality, and I'm on the verge of returning it.

  • D. Allin - Fast, easy, fantastic!

    We just bought a 30-year-old house with lots of wooden cabinets, doors, and windowsills. Due to neglect and the arid climate here in Albuquerque, they all looked dull and faded, but the cost of replacing or refinishing them seemed prohibitive. Then I found Howard wood restorer on Amazon, and ordered some. I followed the directions, applying it with 0000 steel wool, wiping the excess off with a clean rag, and then waiting about a half hour before applying the Howard Feed-N-Wax. The results were far better than I expected. The product restored the finish, removed random scuffs and stains, and made the wood look new again. And while the cabinets looked great immediately after I waxed them, for some reason they look even better after a couple days, as if the product improves with age. It was very quick and easy to use, with minimal mess and easy clean-up. I've done some woodworking and refinishing in the past, and this stuff really amazed me. It looks just as good as a complete strip-stain-varnish job, but costs far less and takes a lot less effort. Even my wife, who is sometimes hypercritical, was impressed.

  • G. Hudson - Great little media server / HTPC

    I purchased this little box to use as a home file/media server and home theater PC. It is nice and compact and doesn't use much power, so I don't feel guilty about leaving it running 24/7. It performs all it's intended tasks very well. I am able to stream 1080p content without issue. It has a low voltage CPU, so If you want a gaming rig or Steam Box, look elsewhere.