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  • Tammy - First time ever coloring my hair. Fantastic result.

    I am very impressed with the online transaction for this hair product. I have very straight glass hair in an unusual shade of red. I've never died my hair before. The gray in my hair was just starting to be really noticeable. I uploaded about three photos, taken inside and outside on my iphone. I cannot believe how well they matched my color. Some friends didn't notice I had even done anything because it just looks like my hair color. Fantastic result. It does have a strong odor when you apply it but it was gone after I rinsed it with the product they provide. My hair texture is the same as pre coloring. The gray now looks like highlights of my shade of red. I had my hair cut the following day and the stylist was shocked that I did it myself and purchased it online. She commented on how healthy my hair is. I'm definitely a hooked customer.

  • T. Nguyen - DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK

    Do not buy this book!!! I bought it to prepare myself for the CPC exam. Guess what, it does not have the answers to the quizzes and exams in the book. You must be an instructor to get the answers. This is the first time I bought a review manual without the answers. Of course they did not inform you of this. Idiots!!!! The Official CPC Certification Study Guide by AAPC (ISBN 978-1-133-78894-2) is a much better buy.

  • Bernie C. - Good, not great

    I read it to get a taste of what operations people do and it was good for that purpose. It was informative enough and well enough written, but nothing out of this world. The writing can be very corny sometimes.

  • Mama SWA - Lipozene

    I am very afraid to try this diet pill because when I opened the box and took out the pill bottle, the warning label on the side says it will swell in your throat and may cause choking...if it can cause throat blockage, couldn't it cause digestive tract blockage...perhaps that's how you lose the weight, if nothing can get through, you would definately lose weight, lol.