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  • Rosalee Pringle - Burned liked the worst Sunburn

    I usually know better than to buy a product without research and reviews but I bought with blind faith. Not only did I waste my money, but these products actually burned my face so badly that I looked as if I had just had a chemical peel. It has now been over a week and I still have a bit of pain and the worst dryness. I purchased this skin treatment to prevent wrinkles, only to end up getting more.

  • Harold Melton - Works, good app if you need it

    I don't normally use m$ office products, but needed this to upgrade some .mdb files to .accdb format, for some .asp web sites I have that were using .mdb databases and the hosting company upgraded to Server 2010, that doesn't support the JET driver and mdb (unless they install it, and they didn't). Access installed and worked fine for that, with some fiddling, and now I don't need it any more.

  • wayne a wilkerson - It really works

    We live in Arizona where the sun will bleach out everything. I applied one coat of recolor on out front door and it looks like a new one.

  • Abigail E. Allen - Chubby from a back injury

    I took this. It made me feel full at dinner. I couldn't eat much at all.. not even a reasonable amount. Then in a few hours I was freaking - shaking from needing food.. I couldn't take more pills because it wasn't a mealtime and also I knew I needed nutrients. Because my body was freaking out I ate more than normal. I am not a big eater anyway so this isn't really my solution. This is good maybe for a overeaeter or binger who can't control their eating habits but what happens when it wears off? Should I have popped some more? I never feel hungry like that.. I was shaking. Just eat high fiber foods and you actually will give yourself nourishment and not feel over hungry.

  • Jolanta Grabias - Hair Loss

    Yeah, for all of you people - keep taking the product you may experience the same results as I am now. After taking Relacore fore few weeks my hair started to fall out. It happened like over night the first day I lost two hand fulls of hair. I used to have long, thick hair. Now my hair is thin and you can see my scalp. Not only that it keeps falling out more. So, I am 30 years old and I am going bald. Read the label. It says hair loss. Be careful and stop talking it before its too late. I called customer service, they telling me to send back the pills and they will give me my money back. I don't care about that. I wanted to contact someone who knows if my hair will ever grow back. I was told that the hair loss side effect is written there just in case. That people never that these side effects. I went online, read customer reviews and I am not the only one who is losing hair. Some other side effects: fatigue, stomach cramps, drowsiness, not able to concentrate, acme, dry scalp.

  • snoopyrnc - Good product

    Excellent product, however had to return it because it would not fit in a step with a hitch installed. Return was easy and simple.