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Melbourne Hernia Clinic Inguinal Hernia Stomach Hernia Repair - Melbourne Hernia Clinic Inguinal Hernia Stomach Hernia Repair. Hernia Specialist Surgeons, Melbourne Australia.

  • http://hernia.net.au/about-the-melbourne-hernia-clinic/ About The Melbourne Hernia Clinic - About The Melbourne Hernia Clinic: The Melbourne Hernia Clinic was established in 1980. The Centre is based at Masada Private Hospital in East St Kilda.
  • http://hernia.net.au/about-the-surgeons/ About the Surgeons. Melbourne Hernia Clinic - About the Hernia Surgeons, Melbourne Hernia Clinic, A/Prof Maurice Brygel, Mr Charles Leinkram, Mr Peter Grossberg, Hernia Surgery, Hernia Operations, Cost
  • http://hernia.net.au/mr-charles-leinkram/ Mr Charles Leinkram - Mr Charles Leinkram has been a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons since 1981. He trained at the Austin and Repatriation Hospitals in Melb.
  • http://hernia.net.au/prof-maurice-brygel/ A/Prof. Maurice Brygel - A/Prof. Maurice Brygel graduated from medicine at Melbourne University. Following this training in Anaesthesia in London, obtaining a Dip. in Anaesthesia.
  • http://hernia.net.au/mr-peter-grossberg/ Mr Peter Grossberg - Mr Peter Grossberg is a graduate of the University of Melbourne and qualified General Surgeon. He is a fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.
  • http://hernia.net.au/about-the-anaesthetists/ About the Anaesthetists - Melbourne Hernia Clinic - We have several Anaesthetists who work with us at the Melbourne Hernia Clinic. They are all highly experienced in the technique of Local Anaesthesia with sedation for hernia repair.
  • http://hernia.net.au/what-is-a-hernia/ What is a hernia? Melbourne Hernia Clinic - What is a Hernia? Hernia Symptoms, Hernia Treatment, Cost of Hernia, Hernia, Hernia Repair, Hernia Surgery
  • http://hernia.net.au/why-do-they-occur/ Why Do Hernia Occur - Why Do Hernia Occur? Inguinal, umbilical, epigastric, hiatus, recurrent, incisional, femoral, hernia
  • http://hernia.net.au/should-they-be-operated-on/ Should they be operated on? - Melbourne Hernia Clinic - Surgery is not always required, but the vast majority of hernias do eventually end up being operated upon.
  • http://hernia.net.au/frequently-asked-hernia-questions/ Frequently Asked Hernia Questions - frequently asked hernia questions, hernia surgery cost, fee, can i fly with hernia, hernia operation risk, how soon can i be seen, do i need an appointment
  • http://hernia.net.au/hernia-surgery/ Hernia Surgery - The use of the non-absorbable polyprolene Mesh is now standard for most hernia surgery. In some centres over 90% of patients are now treated with a mesh.
  • http://hernia.net.au/hernia-treatment/ Your options for hernia treatment - There are a number of options for hernia treatment and ways to do a hernia repair.
  • http://hernia.net.au/hernia-operation/ Hernia Operation - You know you have a hernia. What's next? Hernia operation? Hernia Treatment, Hernia Cost, Hernia Surgeon, Hernia,
  • http://hernia.net.au/afterward/ Hernia Operation Afterward - We will describe the process and afterward, which takes place at this advanced day surgery facility. Hernia Operation Aftercare
  • http://hernia.net.au/exploring-essential-surgery/ Exploring Essential Surgery - Exploring Essential Surgery. Ahern & Brygel. An interactive program for exploring common surgical problems, for use by students, doctors and interested lay people.
  • http://hernia.net.au/laparoscopic-surgery/ Laparoscopic Surgery - Laparoscopic surgery is commonly accepted as minimally invasive surgery to any part of the abdomen whether intra or extraperitoneal.
  • http://hernia.net.au/lased/ An anaesthetist's perspective - Melbourne Hernia Clinic - In the straight forward inguinal and other hernia repairs, the area of surgery is relatively small and local anaesthetic can be used to cover this entire area.

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    City: 151.2002 New South Wales, Australia

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