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Portland Natural Health Clinic- Heart Spring Health - Our Portland-based natural health clinic, Heart Spring Health, provides the highest quality natural medical care, including acupuncture, massage & more. Call 503-956-9396.

  • http://heartspringhealth.com/contact/ Contact Us | Holistic and Natural Medicine Clinic Portland, OR - Heart Spring Health in Portland, OR wants to help you get started on your holistic medical journey. Call 503-956-9396 to schedule your appointment today.
  • http://heartspringhealth.com/events-news/ Events & News | Natural Medical Care Southeast Portland, OR - With responsible health care that maintains the highest standards of social and environmental service, we provide Natural Medical Care in Portland OR.
  • http://heartspringhealth.com/team/ Our Team | Naturopathic Doctors Portland, OR - Visit our team page today to learn about the collaborative team of natural medicine experts committed to addressing the full spectrum of health concerns.
  • http://heartspringhealth.com/team/serron-wilkie-nd-lac/ Serron Wilkie, ND, LAc - Heart Spring Health - Dr. Serron Wilkie is an award-winning Portland naturopath who focuses on a full spectrum of care; including,integrative oncology, fertility, anxiety & more.
  • http://heartspringhealth.com/team/jason-wells-nd-lac/ Jason Wells, ND, LAc - Heart Spring Health - Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist in Portland, Oregon specializing in the treatment of autoimmunity, inflammation, digestive illness, and chronic pain.
  • http://heartspringhealth.com/team/laurie-menk-otto-nd-mph/ Laurie Menk Otto, ND, MPH - Heart Spring Health - Dr. Menk Otto is a Portland Naturopathic Physician focusing on environmental allergy, sublingual immunotherapy, food sensitivity, insomnia, anxiety, fatigue.
  • http://heartspringhealth.com/team/angela-cortal-nd/ Angela Cortal, ND - Heart Spring Health - Dr. Angela Cortal - Naturopathic Doctor in Portland, OR, focus in Regenerative Injection Therapies (prolotherapy and PRP) and hormone balancing
  • http://heartspringhealth.com/team/reba-akin-nd-cpt/ Reba Akin, ND, CPT - Heart Spring Health - Dr. Reba has 18 years of wellness practice and is a Naturopathic Doctor, Certified Health Coach, and Certified Personal Trainer.
  • http://heartspringhealth.com/team/carrie-staller-dc/ Carrie Staller, DC - Heart Spring Health - Carrie Staller provides Chiropractic care in Portland, specializing in pain, headache, numbness, tingling and care after auto accidents or injuries
  • http://heartspringhealth.com/team/stephanie-swanson-lac/ Stephanie Swanson, LAc - Heart Spring Health - Chinese medicine practitioner in Portland, OR, providing holistic care for all conditions, with a focus on fertility, pregnancy, women’s health, and pain.
  • http://heartspringhealth.com/team/alexandra-ricketts-lac/ Alexandra Ricketts, LAc - Heart Spring Health - Alexandra Ricketts is a Classical Chinese Medicine practitioner and utilized acupuncture, Chinese herbal therapy, and various forms of bodywork.
  • http://heartspringhealth.com/team/inez-coppola-lac/ Inez Coppola, LAc - Heart Spring Health - Inez Coppola, L.Ac. is an intuitive healer who practices classical Chinese medicine, herbal medicine and energy work at a Portland acupuncture clinic.
  • http://heartspringhealth.com/team/kalle-skurla-lac/ Kalle Skurla, LAc - Heart Spring Health - Dedicated practitioner of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine in Portland, focusing on holistic treatment of pain, fatigue, insomnia & digestive illness
  • http://heartspringhealth.com/team/talula-kana-lmt/ Talula Kana, LMT - Heart Spring Health - Talula Kana is a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in Craniosacral Therapy, massage, treatment of injury from auto accidents, acute and chronic pain.
  • http://heartspringhealth.com/team/adam-persinger-lmt/ Adam Persinger, LMT - Heart Spring Health - Adam Persinger practices Meditation, Yoga, Massage, and Rolfing Structural Integration. He helps patients decrease chronic pain, injury, and stress.
  • http://heartspringhealth.com/team/meagen-alm-lmt/ Portland Massage Therapist - Meagen Alm - Meagen Alm is a Licensed Massage Therapist in Portland specializing in Chinese Massage, treatment of injury from auto accidents & acute & chronic pain.
  • http://heartspringhealth.com/team/teresa-laughlin-lmt/ Teresa Laughlin, LMT - Heart Spring Health - Teresa is a licensed massage therapist and Shamanic Reiki practitioner, skilled at creating a deeply nourishing, therapeutic and relaxing experience.
  • http://heartspringhealth.com/team/andrea-anglin-clinic-manager/ Andrea Anglin, Clinic Manager - Heart Spring Health - Andrea Anglin is the Clinic Manager at Heart Spring Health, Portland naturopathic clinic.
  • http://heartspringhealth.com/team/tameka-thompson-office-manager/ Tameka Thompson, Billing - Heart Spring Health - Tameka Thompson has been in the insurance industry since 2005 and consistently helps make billing operations at Heart Spring Health run smoothly.
  • http://heartspringhealth.com/services/ Portland Naturopathic Clinic Services - Heart Spring Health - Our Portland naturopathic clinic provides the highest-qualiity care from award-winning practioners. Call 503-956-9396 to schedule an appointment today.
  • http://heartspringhealth.com/services/naturopathic-medicine/ Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon - Our naturopathic physicians are also trained primary care providers & will provide you with comprehensive & personalized treatments for your health challenges.
  • http://heartspringhealth.com/services/naturopathic-medicine/healing-power-nature/ Portland Naturopathic Medicine & Healing - The body has an inherent self-healing process & our Portland naturopathic physicians can help facilitate.
  • http://heartspringhealth.com/services/naturopathic-medicine/first-no-harm/ Naturopathic Physicians Get to the Root of Health - Worried about medications? Naturopathic physicians at Portland’s Heart Spring Health use natural medicine to help provide alternatives to pharmaceutical medications.

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    Total disappointment. I used to have xbox 360 and hip hop dance game. It was million times better than this. The dance was more professional and the avators were more life like and song selections were so much better on the hip hop game. It had 2 dancers one facing on the back one facing front making so easier to practice. I don't even feel like playing with this game anymore. Microsoft, please make the hip hop dance game for Xbox one.

  • Jennifer L Hallacker - Didn't cleanse the important stuff..

    Followed directions to a T. Still tested positive for THC, so if you're buying it for that purpose, don't bother. Don't have a way to test other toxins, so I can't say if it worked for overall body toxins.