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City: 9.491 , Germany

  • Tonia - ... used this for the past several years and really liked it. This time I can't get the "safe ...

    I have used this for the past several years and really liked it. This time I can't get the "safe money" part to load properly. I uninstalled the whole program and re-installed it, and it still doesn't work.

  • Amazon Customer - Beautiful!

    She is beautiful! I buy one every year for my granddaughter, I just gave her this one and she Loved it!!!

  • Doctor C - crippleware, but you have no choice.

    Like others have mentioned, when you buy this almost $200 program, you do not get a full package - it is merely a instrument for them to charge you subscription fees. It reminds me of some shareware programs that disable features until you buy the full version, but in this case you have already bought the full version and they still want to get more money from you! I'm sort of the "go to" guy in my circle of friends and family when it comes to technical and/or business software and even though I would never spend a penny on this, noticed a friend had purchased this so I decided to see for myself and it only reiterated how disgusting Intuit's business practices are. Here are a few reasons why you should avoid this program:

  • wayne hurtado - therefore i have to give it a very good rating

    This is a reference book very dry, but that is the kind of book i wanted and needed,therefore i have to give it a very good rating

  • novice - DO NOT USE SPACES

    Great product, but installation is always a pain. Even buying directly from Webroot didn't help. If you are renewing, and the keycode prompt doesn't come up, you have to press the gear button next to My Account to enter the keycode. You don't have to use dashes, but DO NOT use spaces!

  • Haily Radnor - Great Ball

    Great all around indoor ball. The grip allows me to set the ball fairly descent; additionally I can get a really good standing floater serve in. The only thing that concerns me is that I do have to check the PSI before every use. It does seem to require some air more often than not; but then again this is my first ball I've ever purchased so I don't know if all balls require that or not. Either way, this is my go to ball.