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  • Meers - Worked wonders for my daughter!!!!!

    This saved my sanity. My daughter was very fussy, gassy, constipated and would puke a lot with every other formula that we tried. She was diagnosed with a protein allergy. Some protein found in milk she was allergic to. This saved us countless sleepless nights. It smells horrible and tastes horrible to me but she loved it!!!!. She is now 1 and were trying to switch her to regular whole milk. We make the bottles 50 50 mix now. Almost immediately we noticed that she was still gassy but no where close to when she was first born. Hoping to switch completely in the next couple weeks.

  • Heidi Faulkner - Scar cream

    I had surgery about 3 years and left nasty scar near elbow. I would think 3 years later, surgery scar will fade out and less noticeable, but it wasn't the case for me. Summer is coming and I want my scar to fade little, so it won't be too noticeable when I wear short sleeves.