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home of the award winning drug free pollen barrier - HayMax is a natural pollen barrier used by hayfever sufferers to stop pollen entering the body and lessen the allergic reaction

  • http://haymax.biz/evidence/testimonials/ Testimonials from hay fever sufferers helped by HayMax™ - Since the launch of HayMax we have received many unsolicited testimonials from hay fever sufferers that we have helped. This is what they say, good and bad.
  • http://haymax.biz/info/hayfever-faq/ Hay Fever : Frequently Asked Questions - We are asked lots of questions about hayfever, hayfever balms, hayfever allergy, HayMax™ products and remedies. Here we try to answer your questions.
  • http://haymax.biz/allergy-guide/pollen-count-forecast/ Hay Fever Guide: Pollen and Pollen Count - Here's the UK pollen count forecast from HayMax. Updated daily to help you manage your hay fever symptoms.
  • http://haymax.biz/allergy-guide/what-is-hay-fever/ Hay Fever Guide: What is Hayfever? - Hay fever or seasonal allergic rhinitis is an allergic reaction to pollen and other airborne allergens such as fungal spores. Find out more information here
  • http://haymax.biz/allergy-guide/dust-allergy/ Dust Allergy - HayMax™ - Dust Allergy? Find useful information and helpful suggestions here to help avoid the allergens.
  • http://haymax.biz/allergy-guide/pet-allergy/ Pet Allergy - HayMax™ - Pet Allergy? Find useful information and helpful suggestions/tips to help avoid the allergens.
  • http://haymax.biz/allergy-guide/coping-with-hay-fever-during-pregnancy/ Hay Fever during Pregnancy - Coping with hay fever during pregnancy can be hard. Find out here why HayMax is suitable for pregnant women and how it can help you!
  • http://haymax.biz/allergy-guide/managing-allergies/children-and-hay-fever/ Kids and Hay Fever - HayMax™ - Check out our informative page on children and hay fever. Interesting facts, top tips and useful links to help to protect your children.

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  • SkipSummer - They Got Lazy

    I have been using H&R Block software (business and personal) for years. I am most disappointed with this edition. I couldn't go 5 minutes in the program without having to stop and do some sort of research to figure out if my business was exempt from this or that, qualified or unqualified for something, eligible for some sort of election under such 'n such rule, etc.

  • dakota - sadly wasnt as expected

    when i bought this i thought this would help out so much,but i couldn't even link all my accounts to this program which made it not very good as keep track of finances because if you cant have all your accounts in one place it unfortunately defeats the purpose of the program

  • C Anderson - The shoulder strap stayed sturdy and the velcro lasted consistent use

    I used every day this bag while working for 18 months. It wasn't pampered in any fashion, and often found itself in rough conditions. Survived the winter of Virginia, summer of North Carolina and Brazil. Not once did water get into it and damage any material. And believe me, unexpected torrential downpour happens a lot in Brasil. Then ontop of that, it would dry fairly quickly. Often times friends would have books, pamphlets, and papers ruined, while mine were left perfectly dry. The shoulder strap stayed sturdy and the velcro lasted consistent use. It wasn't until 16 months that the front velcro started to fray a little, but it didn't worsen after that. But considering I opened this bag 25+ times a day for 16 months, it's not bad at all. There really is superb quality that comes with any Timbuk2 bag. The inside material held up extremely well. Mine is marked up from mens and other things I've put into the bag, but it never tore or failed in quality. I loved being able to adjust the shoulder strap. Some days while carrying around heavy stuff, it was nice to have it high, and some days it was nice to let it hang lower. It's quick and easy.

  • Amazon Customer - Nice

    Really easy to set up and looks great. I bought this because I miss calls because I don't hear my phone in the noisy environment at work. With the watch vibrating I catch the call. One minor downer is that this watch doesn't have magnetic sensors so compass apps won't work.

  • James L. Caparosa - Must Have DVD/CD

    If your a CSN fan, this is a must have concert, the boys are at their best in years.Simply Fantastic.Buy It.

  • Triston - I've actually played and beaten it

    This game truly is spectacular in most every way, if you are a fan of enemy unknown then you will love this one, my one issue with it is the dlc, while not bad per say, they are certainly underwhelming when compared to enemy within, the spark units are just not as good as a normal soldier, the anarchy's children just doesn't appeal to me that much, Andrew alien hunters dlc is just irritating overall due to how the alien rulers get a free move for every single action you make. In regards to difficulty, if you are not very skilled or new to the games, this will be difficult and you will lose soldiers, but if you have a tactical mindset and you know what you are doing, it will still be plenty challenging, but not to a point that it isn't fun, I lost a total of 5 soldiers in my run, which I like to think is not that bad. Remember, a true commander doesn't reload.

  • B1978 - Good, not great.

    Product isn't too bad overall. The mold quality is good, and feels solid. There is an extra plastic locator which needs to be shaved off in order for the cup to snap in properly. It's an easy modification. Extra care needs to be given to ensure the primary locating pin isn't broken during installation. Be patient, and line it up a couple different ways before attempting to lock it in. It's self explanatory. My biggest gripe with this product is the cap screws rusted the first time they got wet. I'll be replacing them with a higher grade of stainless.