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  • Nicholas W. Hahn - I loved the 2011 edition. I hate this one. I wish I never had to update.

    This is a huge downgrade from Quickbooks Pro 2011 as far as I can tell. I had no glitches with 2011. I have so many glitches now that it takes me significantly longer to do simple tasks. Most of what I do is the "bank feeds center" and payroll. The old "bank feeds center" used to be called "Online banking" which made sense. What do you feed a bank? The old one had a smooth, efficient workspace and flow. This one is glitchy and clunky. The "rules" for imported transactions used to make sense. For instance, if I told it that a check was for my landlord,it automatically coded it for rent expenses. Now I have to code both the payee and account manually. Nice "upgrade". It's like it went back in time 10 years or more. If I change anything for a payment that was automatically matched (used to work great, now needs a lot of adjusting), it gets rid of any changes I already made to code other payments! None of this ever used to happen! There are many, many more issues but I can't name them all. I wish I could have 2011 back. AVOID UPGRADING AT ALL COSTS! Oh, my biggest problem now: payroll won't update. QuickBooks refuses to update the new tax tables. I never had these issues before. I hate it so much.

  • Great set of cookware - Great set of cookware

    This cookware is a great value. They are certainly non-stick, even egg and burned breadcrumbs come off easily. The non-stick surface is also durable and has not become scratched in the year and a half I've owned them.

  • Elizabeth - I love this! It's perfect for me

    I love this! It's perfect for me. I'm a college student, I also work in a professional setting and this is big enough to actually be able to keep track of everything. Plus it is super cute whether you color it in or not.

  • Origamiman - good test prep

    This product was nice because of the practice exams, however the exams were included as individual sections, not actual full-length tests. The explanations in the book were good tools for reviewing some things that I hadn't practiced since high school.

  • Michael - Met all expectations

    This was exactly what I expected. It charged my iphone6 several times before needing to be recharged. It feels solid, but not exceedingly heavy. It charged my phone as quickly as a wall charger would.

  • C.S.Harper - Works great in my garden

    I have a lot of cannis lilies that need trimmed weekly as well as palms, and rose bushes. These shears are perfect for trimming. They snip easily with not much effort even the larger branches on my rose bushes. These seriously have cut the time I spend trimming them in half.

  • Adam Sinkiwskij - Low Budget

    I think Adam Savage from Mythbusters is a better actor than any in this movie. So glad I seen it free with my prime membership and did not actually pay for this thing. If you like low budget movies then you may enjoy it, it just hard to get past the acting.