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  • Jack C. Hampton - Microsoft publisher download

    Downloaded product will not install. I could not get help from Microsoft. Their customer help stinks as usual. Microsoft is the most user unfriendly company I have ever done business with. I will not recommend any of their products - including their windows operating systems. I want credit for this product !!!!!

  • that guy - looking forward to using it a ton

    I love this little bugger. Took it out mountain biking today and had a lot of fun. It will take time to figure out editing and such. As others have said it coul use a better mic, but I knew that already. GREAT product for the price.

  • Sheila McGee-Smith - Works as advertised with Note 7

    Blue light means normal charging (from normal USB plug adapter) green light means fast charging. Need to be on the sweet spot on the phone - centered is about right on the Pleson. Just wish I could find a wallet case that would charge wirelessly without removing the case - has anyone found that?

  • Better&Best - Simple Vacation Planning

    Rick Steves' Books are my go to resource for planning european vacations. Granted, there is always more to see and do than he can cover. He is comprehensive and covers most of the must-see attractions. Though I don't always agree with his reviews of places and restaurants, I haven't found a tour book that is more user friendly and reliable. His tips and advice were invaluable and I can't imagine navigating Rome without this book! He saved us time and money and helped us make the most of our time.

  • Pensacola Pilot - More attitude than Dance Central

    Being a big fan of Dance Central, I was quite disappointment when Harmonix did not make a new Dance Central for the 2013 Christmas. The Kinect dance app had been by favorite Christmas present, so we had to take a chance with Ubi Soft's Just Dance 2014. Although Dance Central's dance character graphics are better, the Just Dance choreography has far more "attitude." The scoring in Just Dance is much more loose, my dancing that is rated perfect is far from perfect. What's really nice is that many dances involves interaction with a dance partner. So what do I do if Dance Central comes out again? Get both!

  • Toni Talks - This stuff really IS amazing!

    I have arthritis in my feet and hands & they hurt constantly. I rub this on both my hands and feet and the inflamation goes away in about 20 min and so does the pain. Absolutely amazing stuff. I have tried everything before , thank goodness someone told me about this stuff. I have also started taking it orally and I notice that I am more regular, and also I have all this energy that I never had before. I am waking up earlier and wanting to get up instead of sleeping in late.

  • Carolyn - Excellent customer service

    The first bars we received were defective, and I was worried because we needed them within days for our trip. The customer service department is top-notch. They exchanged my bars within one day, and they worked perfectly on our 700+ mile road trip. They are easy to install and very sturdy. I would not hesitate to save money and purchase these cross bars.