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  • jessica smith - Excellent

    Passed my RN boards with 75 questions :) Highly recommend this book. Excellent with test taking strategies. Plus tons of practice questions and a practice test

  • Lorean - I am very pleased with the service I have received during the purchase

    I am very pleased with the service I have received during the purchase. The seller is so helpful and courteous. I am very pleased with the camera which is performing well. The quality of the recordings and the camera, both excellent, and will no doubt be even better with my upgrade memory SD card which has now been installed. Highly recommended

  • GeorgePerduta - A good book to research how to perform specific functions

    A good book to research how to perform specific functions. Although sometimes it is better to just youtube your question if you are a visual learnier. It is not joking when it says its a "bible", there covers everything.

  • T.C. - Works well on old furniture without stripping it completely

    This works great on precious antiques. Mine aren't worth much dollarwise but they have sentimental value. This cleaner/finisher helps remove decades of gook and grime without stripping my furniture down to the original wood color. Use outdoors. If you must use it indoors, open all the windows and keep little ones away. Pour onto a rag; don't dump it on the furniture. A little goes a long way. Wipe off well. (Do not put used rags in washing machine -- wash rags in old bucket outside or toss in sealed plastic bags, don't burn.) Keep away from children and pets.

  • Tim P. Essebaggers - I bought this to deal with a toenail fungus and ...

    I bought this to deal with a toenail fungus and also skin tags. The jury is still out on the toenail fungus but I think I've noticed some improvement. However, this did nothing to eradicate my skin tags. I tried it as suggested and I even put it on a bandaid and then place the bandaid over the skin tag and did this for several days. The pesky skin tags stayed there as if it hadn't been touched with anything so not sure about the validity of those people who claim it work and those who claim it don't. Maybe this is a product that works with some peoples chemistry and not with others. But it certainly didn't work for me.

  • Lucy South - like watched videos on You Tube

    Before I bought this I read the reviews that said it only works if you use it right. I read the instructions and practiced a few times, and it still didn't work at all for me. Maybe I could have done more research, like watched videos on You Tube, but I really just want something that works without having to complete the equivalent of driver's ed before getting results.