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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Philip.K - Great balancing mouthwash.

    This mouth rinse was recommended by my dental hygienist. I really enjoy it's pH and balancing properties. It works really well when used before flossing and brushing. It also is great for a sore after having dental work/oral surgery. Pleasing flavor and neutral consistency.

  • Angela Orndorff - So far this is a great product and I am pleased with the results

    So far this is a great product, being a woman I have noticed it's not oily and absorbs quickly into the scalp. There is no residue and I am looking forward to seeing what the results are.

  • Newname - Cheap Junk

    This thing is underpowered junk. When the front spindle gets burdened by about 10 minutes of tape, it becomes very sensitive to any changes in tension ... meaning it will speed up or slow down and create a lot of pitch distortion. I suppose that may be OK on some things (lectures? some genres of music?), but not OK for my purpose (classical). The head is also very sensitive to imperfections on tapes, bleeding thru strange changes in volume, tape hiss, and other things my original tape decks did not. You can edit out some, but not all; what a hassle though. I guess I will haul out my cassette deck left from my 1987 stereo and try to find a way to hook it up now (along with the turntable, just do everything at once).

  • A*B*!! - Clogs your skin and looks chalky!

    Don't purchase the luminess system! Not only will it be cost you a ton of money - you have to buy the system, which needs to be taken apart and fixed on a regular basis - but the cost of the actual makeup is ridiculous! And it is impossible to match to your natural skin tone! I made the mistake of staying up watching info-mercials one night and fell for all the promises luminess makes. The billing was a ridiculous process and I had to call multiple times because they kept trying to charge me more frequently and then set me up for automated shipments when I specifically said I did not want to set up automated shipments. Many times I was put on hold for a good 20 minutes or was hung up on all together. So those are my complaints with the company.

  • Eshaw - Same Ole' Story but I have a Suggestion-Hope It Helps

    I've never left a review in my life but I had such a disappointing experience (well, in my case, experiences). The wraps are overpriced and did absolutely nothing for me! The worst part was that I followed the directions to a "T" and both (yes, I was stupid enough to try it twice) representatives talked to me like I was the biggest dummy in the world, incapable of following even the simplest of instructions, and basically were saying that if the wraps didn't work it was my own fault for doing something wrong. Apparently this is a common "theme" with many of their reps. This is not a criticism of this seller but my scathing review of the product and the reps I dealt with. The Lucalean wraps work for me and they are much cheaper with a money back guarantee. Nice people to deal with. Easy, etc. etc.

  • Ms S. - love just dance

    so i love just dance. i've been collecting them all like poke balls lol. i love the song choices and the choreography for this one. and they've definitely made the graphics a lot better. my favorite feature though is the online mode. so much fun, you just hop on get on a team and play with people all around the world, which is something you can't do with any of the other just dance games. so worth the money, and its a great work out. my 47 year old mom even loves it