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  • Hamiltonzth - Feels like cheap junk, performs like god blessed amazingness.

    Alright, so after seeing a lot of streamers talking about this mouse and reading through the feature set I thought that I would give this thing a try. I'm not disappointed at all.

  • Lottie - Just Beautiful!

    As always, dazzling! just love putting the new year's ornament front and center on my tree. Been collecting them since 2001 and wouldn't miss adding one to my tree every year.

  • Neil Taylor - Doesn't have even the banks that Mint has connected.

    I bought this because Mint was good, was the same company, but was missing some features I especially wanted. I had successfully attached both my bank accounts to Mint accounts with ease but Quicken didn't have my bank available to attach. This is absolutely unacceptable. To have the flagship, paid product missing very important features that the free product handled easily just beggars belief. I didn't get to try any of the other features because without on-line connectivity it's worthless to me.

  • Lenore J. Johnson - Amazon saves the day.

    Thank you Amazon. I got the toy of the year. Bittersweet that it was double the listed and asking price.

  • Amazon Customer - Confession: I secretly wish I bought one for myself.

    I bought Cozmo for my 5 year-old godson and he absolutely loves it. I never had toys like this when I was growing up. I basically gave him a Wall-E puppy. As far as I’m aware, there’s nothing else like Cozmo on the market.

  • Carmen - It works! But it takes a while....

    I don't have the hair I used to have when I was young but there's been a dramatic increase in the amount of hair I have now....but I must say that it took a full 6 months before I began to see new re-growth....and you must use it according to directions and stick with it....Many people have comment on my hair and have asked how I did it....highly recommend it!

  • Michael H. Gole - Worthless

    Besides the fact that the antenna was delivered 1 week late, it came damaged. The screww was striped and the anodized finish was damaged. I didn't even waste my time attempting to install it and returned it immediately. A total waste of time.