The Global Hepatitis C Network - The Global Hepatitis C (HCV) Network aims to facilitate international HCV knowledge exchange and bridge the gap between Canadian and global HCV initiatives. Composed of international volunteer members with knowledge and expertise in HCV, the Network works to identify and share best practices and initiatives being used in HCV programs around the world with a focus on…

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  • Shannon Hellstern - Cheap Pillow

    This didn't hold its shape for long, at all. Very disappointed in the quality. It is very flat only after a month of use.

  • Tom K. - Highly recommend

    This product works great. I leave the outside lights on 24/7 for security purposes but the spiders/cob webs were everywhere. I clean them out and then sprayed this product. It works extremely well when the whole area is coated to get rid of all spiders hiding in each crevice. I have recommended this to all of my neighbors.

  • Louise - A shaver that shaves.

    I'm a lady and I use this on my legs. As regular razors irritate my skin horribly. This thing is pretty great actually. My skin gets smoothe and the charge lasts for quite awhile.

  • kthorst - Do NOT waste your time with Juice Plus

    Do NOT waste your time. GNC Ultra Mega Green has triple the benefits of Juice Plus and is less than half the cost. GNC's product contains 1,600 IU of vitamin D-3 for breast & bone health! Why waster your time with this product, at the high cost for zero benefits? . Feel great for less!. Plus you can get GNC product anywhere - online or in retail stores with GREAT customer service, unlike Juice Plus' high-priced pyramid scheme with VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  • John McMahon - worst game ever

    worst game ever. completely rigged against player, and not even close to real casino experience. not worth a nickel. wish I never bought it. stay away, and save your money.

  • Ryan R. Detzel - "Random" in this case means four booster packs and the rest are the same in every box.

    I was expecting a little more random. We purchased four of these so when we played all of us would be on a similar playing field but when we opened them we released the only "random" cards were the four booster packs and the rest of the cards are all the same. This made our desks very similar except for a few cards.

  • Amazon Customer - Informative and practical book for students and professionals

    This book is one of the best financial management books that I have ever read. It is very descriptive, informative and illustrative. I find the transition from one chapter or topic to another very smooth and without vacuum. The self-test problems and solutions are very helpful as well as answers to selected questions. It will serve as a useful reference for the career Finance Manager. I highly recommend the book to students and professionals.